• Haven’t had the chance to visit our library in person to get a library card?
  • Had one years ago but no longer have the number?
  • Account no longer active when you try to use our online resources?
  • Apply for a card in-person at the library or online here (please read the following guidelines to see if you are eligible).

We just need a few things from you:

  1. Photo ID (Driver’s license, school ID, or work badge)
  2. A piece of mail addressed and delivered to you. Doesn’t matter what it is as long as it arrived at your Hampton address via the mail

We will double check our files – if you have an inactive account we’ll help you reactivate it or issue you a new card. You will receive a library card number and pin for access to all of our online services.

Who is eligible?

Hampton Residents and Taxpayers

Requirements for Hampton Residents and Taxpayers:

  • Two forms of identification. One must be a photo ID and one must have a Hampton street address. Common forms of ID include: driver’s licenses, utility bills, tax bills, etc.
  • Cards are valid as long as residency in Hampton (or ownership of property in town) continues. (Please let us know of any changes to name, address or phone numbers.)


Non-residents who work in Hampton or who work for a business that has a current Hampton Chamber of Commerce Membership may apply for free library cards. Proof of employment is required, along with a photo ID.  Non-residents who do not work in town may purchase a card.

  • 12-month cards are available for $60 per year
  • 4-month cards are available for $20

Further Information

At the time of your library card registration, you will be issued a Personal Identification Number (PIN), which will provide access to your online account. Library cards for children are available beginning at age 7. Children in grade 6 and under may obtain a card. Youth who wish to have a library card without a parent/guardian present may receive a card that lets them take out 2 items until a parent/guardian acknowledges the library privacy policy and that their child was issued a card. A letter is sent home to a parent/guardian with a self-addressed and stamped note card for a parent/guardian to sign and return to the library, acknowledging the library privacy policy and that their child has been issued a card. After acknowledgment, the card is granted full borrowing privileges.

Patrons may update their records online at any time to reflect changes of address, telephone, or email.  Go to My Account, enter a valid library card number (no spaces) and PIN to access your record.

Lost Library Card

Please report lost or stolen library cards immediately so you will not be held responsible for any items checked out to the card. You may apply for a new card upon presentation of ID. Your card must be clear of any fines or outstanding items before you can re-register.

Library cards are only to be used by the individual registered for that card, however, an adult patron may pick up a reserve book or item on hold for another adult patron if they present that person’s library card. Home-bound patrons may write a letter or call us to request that a named friend/relative may use their card to borrow materials for them.