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Welcome to our online collection of Hampton, NH historical archive. Explore historically significant original documents, photographs, and more. We are importing this content over from our old website over time — anything missing here is still available on our classic website.

The library’s “New Hampshire Room” is home to the library’s collection of printed family genealogies, town histories, genealogical periodicals, and other reference books of genealogical and historical interest.

Did You Know...

The Blizzard of 1978 Took a Toll on the Coast

Learn more about storms and other natural disasters that took place in Hampton’s history

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“Winnacunnet” Was Hampton’s Original Town Name

Visit our collection of stories and articles about the original inhabitants of the Hampton area.

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Hampton Beach Originated as Fish Houses

Explore a collection of links and articles on Hampton Beach throughout history

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Eunice "Goody" Cole Gravestone

Hampton Was Home to a Witch

Eunice “Goody” Cole was convicted of witchcraft in Hampton in 1656 and spent much of the remainder of her life in prison in Boston. Much has been written about her, and most of it is available in our collection.

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