We Are America

By Sharon Fontaine

Hampton, New Hampshire

September 14, 2001

[On Friday evening, Sepember 14, 2001, a candlelight vigil was held at Marelli Park in Hampton. Many people came forward to share their thoughts on the Terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001. One of these persons was Sharon Fontaine, who recited her original poem "We Are America" which is included below.]

"We Are America"

We are America,
We are the strong,
I awoke this morning
Amongst the dawn.

We will stand tall
Against the fight,
To keep our freedom
Through day and night.

This land of liberty
Heroes are we all,
What God has given us?
We will not let fall.

Against the attack
And heal the wounds of day,
In this wrath we gave our lives,
It is here that we will stay.

In the pursuit of hopefulness
Freedom will endure,
Because we are America
The land we will secure.

Now we must carry on
As they flew through the air
It came over me watchful
That our flag was still here.

As we go forth
And heal with each new day,
Democracy will reign
To light America’s way.

God has blessed us
Forever free,
As I glance
In the face of liberty.

Our flag will fly forever
As we remain united,
All the tears I cry
Of all things I am reminded,

A prayer of peace
For those lost and survived
America endured for all time
The state of mind revisited.

Forever in our minds and hearts
We remember the men and woman
Of the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon
Who gave their lives for their country.