Changes In News Items -- 1895-1906

By Hilda Morse

The Hampton Union & Rockingham County Gazette

Wednesday, February 15, 1984


New items entered in a Hampton paper this year,
Would to this generation seem a bit queer,
As a "Mr. Lang while moving a stove this past week,
Severely crushed his hand, than had a water pipe leak.


A trolley car party is being organized for a Portsmouth play,
"Way Down East" is the drama the cast will convey.
For $1.50 a barrel Baldwin apples are selling,
Number two apples, even cheaper, folks are telling.


Five acres of marsh land sold for $3.50 an acre at auction this week,
Grand vitamins for cattle amid snows and sleet,
Grand crops for farmers was realized this year,
Hired daily, farmer's pay was $1.50, with no board to cheer.


Hampton also has bewitched tales of cows and cats,
Folks had tales of witchcraft naming this and that,
Even gravestones had epitaphs, often found,
"As Caleb, Ham, or John Mound" lost at sea and never found.