USS Squalus

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USS Squalus -- #SS-192

Sunk: May 23, 1939 -- Salvaged: September 13, 1939

Below are a few articles and pamphlets on the 1939 sinking of the
USS Squalus submarine off the New Hampshire coast

59 On Sub Awaiting Rescue

Message At 9:45 Reports All 'Satisfactory, but Cold';
Hope to Pump Air, Lift Ship Today from 240 Ft. off N.H.

Squalus Sinks as Valve Is Left Open During Practice Dive

Latest Equipment Is Rushed To Scene

The Boston Herald , Wednesday, May 24, 1939 -- Two Cents

26 Men Killed. Divers In Hero Roles. Save 15 In Bell.
Dramatic aerial action shot shows rescue diving bell emerging from water beside tender Falcon with first seven survivors of sub Squalus off Portsmouth, N.H. [ Daily Record Photo]

Squalus lauching.

A view of submarine Squalus at launching in
Portsmouth last September.

Wired photo by New York Times - Wide World shows submarine Sculpin standing watch over spot where Squalus sank yesterday [May 23, 1939] in 240 feet of water off the Isles of Shoals. Portsmouth Navy Yard tug is standing by.

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