Hampton's Historic "Lamie's Tavern

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Lamie's Tavern ca. 1930s
A color postcard ca. 1930s.
Hampton's Historic "Lamie's Tavern"
By John M. Holman, Hampton History Volunteer, Lane Memorial Library, Hampton, NH
When Main Street Was Moved From Exeter Road
By James W. Tucker, "Our Town"
Hampton Union, August 10, 1961
Lamie's Tavern New Luxury Motor Inn
Boston Globe, June 27, 1979, The Dunfey Family Enterprises
Seeking New Horizons at Dunfey Hotels
Business Law, May 1984
"Lamie's Tavern": A Landmark of Hospitality
Portsmouth Herald, January 16, 1989
Hampton Tradition Revived After 25 Years
Hampton Union, December 24, 1990
Enhancing Hampton's History
Herald Sunday, August 8, 1999
"Old Salt" Owners Purchase Lamie's
Hampton Union, February 27, 2001
The Old Salt Returns
Atlantic News, March 1, 2001
Time For A New Look? New outside clock goes up at Lamie's / The Old Salt
Atlantic News, April 12, 2001
'Goody' Cole Room Reopens
Atlantic News, August 2, 2001
Lamie's Tavern Pictorial Gallery
Photographs courtesy of A. Lamie (Mike), 2006.
Tasty Treat for Old Salt
Hampton Union, June 26, 2007