Youngevity Spa

Hampton Area Tidings, July 2006

Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce Monthly Newsletter

Youngevity Spa Ribbon Cutting

Shown at the recent ribbon cutting at Youngevity Spa are (from left): Pat Morgenstern,
Hampton Chamber; Jayne Ballard and Nancy Ducharme, Youngevity Spa.

Tucked into Depot Square in Hampton Center is Youngevity Spa, bringing a unique twist to the Seacoast spa scene. Nancy Ducharme, former real estate investor turned spa director, discovered new treatments for youthfulness and good health, following her own journeys through family illness and post partum depression. While seeking an alternative to the drugs commonly prescribed for depression, Nancy discovered a Nashua spa that offered exactly what she was looking for: a gentle and comforting way to detoxify her body, along with a system to infuse her body with nutrients. Nancy's husband suggested that she bring these beneficial therapies to the Seacoast. She agreed and opened Youngevity Spa in the space vacated by the Hampton Union in Hampton's Depot Square. Youngevity Spa is focused on anti-aging and wellness on the cellular level. Most importantly, in line with Nancy's philosophy, the treatments offered are completely non-invasive and very relaxing. At Youngevity Spa, the journey to health begins with a calming experience for all the senses: Simple, Asian d├ęcor, soft music combined with a Zen fountain, atmospheric lighting, aromatherapy and a warm cup of tea -- followed by the therapies which Nancy found so helpful in her own healing process, such as Solitone light therapy (to reverse the effects of aging, sun damage, acne, etc.), and Ionithermie (a slimming and detoxifying treatment that reduces the appearance of cellulite and increases circulation). MoorSpa Therapy wraps draw toxins out of the body, help balance hormones, and reduce inflammation.

At Youngevity Spa, beauty is not just skin deep. They also offer nutrition and wellness classes, as well as personal consultations, with Karen Faye, "The Wellness Woman." A nurse and wellness educator for over 25 years, Karen was featured in Prevention Magazine. Like Nancy, Karen makes it very clear that wellness is all about feeding and cleansing your cells. In addition to Karen Faye, Nancy has chosen an experienced and compassionate team of therapists for Youngevity Spa clients: Donna Reed Davis, a well known Massage Therapist in the Seacoast area; esthetician Maryann Beaulieu, who spent 4 years at The Cliff House in Ogunquit.

Women as well as men in the Seacoast area will be thankful that Nancy Ducharme was determined to find "a better way" to health and wellness. To find out more, visit the website: or call for an ap-pointment at 603-601-0420.