New Book Store Turns Up the Volume

By Scott E. Kinney, Atlantic News Staff Writer

Atlantic News, Friday, April 25, 2008

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News.]

BOOKS GALORE -- Gordon Lane, owner of Volumes in Hampton, stands amongst a small sampling of the nearly 20,000 books his store has to offer.
[Atlantic News Photo by Scott E. Kinney]

HAMPTON -- As with the books that he sells, Gordon Lane is hopeful his soon-to-open used book store, Volumes, will once again find new life in the hands of fellow book lovers.

For Lane, the reopening of Volumes is the continuation of one of his "three lives." The first two could have arguably led the third. His first began as a reporter and journalist. It was while working for the Air Force newspaper in Korea that Lane began his book collecting.

"I became interested in Hemingway and H. Allen Smith at that time," he said. "I've been collecting books ever since

It was in Holton, Maine, that Lane and his wife would open Volumes in the late 80s.

"She was much more literary than I was," admitted Lane. "I was the business person. It was a good combination."

It was also around that time Lane became involved in his second life in Industrial Economic Development. The store served as a second income. Over time, Lane said, the business was "an artistic success and an economic disaster."

The business would eventually be sold and continues to operate in Holton to this day.

After a few years of selling books through flea markets and even operating on himself, Lane is now returning to his third life, that of a book retailer. The sign from his original store has been revitalized over his retail space in Hampton.

Although Lane is an admitted bibliophile, he is well aware that he is in the business of selling books, not keeping them. With that in mind, a large majority of his books are well below the price of a similar book found on the Internet, especially when one considers shipping. And that's if you are able to find the books that Lane offers at all.

"I work hard to make sure that I'm going to be priced so that if someone want that book they're going to buy it from me," he said.

From classics to children's books, books on religion, war, America and Americana, books covering countries around the world, a host of non-fiction and fiction in both paperback and hardcover awaits the avid reader and collector at Volumes. In addition, Volumes will sell a number of greeting cards, post cards and collectible cards with a large assortment of baseball cards and ephemera.

Lane said he is hopeful he will have the shop doors open by early May. So whether you're looking for a copy of you're favorite book, a rare or signed copy or a certain postcard, Lane can help. And if you can't find what you're looking for Lane can still help.

"There's 20 million books that have been published in the US," Lane said. "I have about 20,000. I like doing book searches. If I don't have the one that you want I can get it."

Volumes is located at 387 Lafayette Road in Hampton. The store can be reached by calling (603) 601-6316.