Sell Your Home With 'Help-U-Sell'

By Scott E. Kinney, Atlantic News, Staff Writer

Atlantic News, Friday, June 6, 2006

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News.]

HAMPTON -- Home Improvement can sometimes be a matter of moving to a new home - whether a new baby on the way demands a larger house, or the kids have left the nest and you're downsizing.

Whatever the reason, selling your current property can be a chore. Trying to sell the house yourself can be a gamble, while using a real estate agent can prove to be expensive. Richard Beaulieu of Help-U-Sell Beau Properties in Hampton is able to help.

Since Fall 2004, Beaulieu, a fully licensed broker, has been successfully facilitating meetings between buyers and sellers and has helped them through real estate transactions - all for a fraction of the cost of a traditional real estate agent.

The difference is Help-U-Sell Beau Properties' "Fee for Services," explains Beaulieu. Unlike traditional real estate agents, Help-U-Sell Beau Properties allows the seller to tailor the services provided to suit their needs. The two most costly and time consuming aspects of selling a home are the open houses and showings. Help-U-Sell Beau Properties' standard, low-set fee does not include these services. This allows the seller to save money by showing their own home. Should you need help showing your home, the service is available for a low fee, but the answer is Help-U-Sell Beau Properties allows the option for the seller to decide which services they would like to utilize - the seller has choices.

"No one knows the property like the seller," said Beaulieu. "The seller's love of their home comes across and is a selling tool."

Help-U-Sell Beau Properties' base services offer all of the advertising (including newspapers, fliers, direct mailing, internet listings and exposure on a free, weekly list), a market analysis, completion of all required documentation for their clients, review of contracts, as well as HUD statements and attending the closings.

"Properties can be priced at, or even below, market value with Help-U-Sell Beau Properties," explains Beaulieu, "and the seller will still end up with more money after the transaction is completed because they aren't expected to pay 5 to 7 percent of their equity at closing. They can either price their home lower for a faster sale or have more flexibility in the negotiating process and still end up with more money that they can apply to a college education for the kids, a new car, etc."

For more information on what Help-U-Sell Beau Properties can do to help you sell your home visit beauproperties, call (603) 926-1163 or stop by their 852 Lafayette Road, Hampton location.