Anniversary Hymn of Hampton, N.H.

Hampton's 325th Anniversary, 1638 - 1963

(Tune of "America")

Composed by Ada Fogg-Ring --- August 23, 1938

Hampton, it is of thee,
Fair country by the sea,
Of thee we sing.
And of the noble sons
Who left their native homes
To cross the ocean's foams
And courage Bring.


We honor all their names,
Samuel, Daniel, Seth, and James,
Our Ancestors.
Their's were great hardships true,
Their's were to dare and do;
But yet they remembered all thru
"Fortasse" evermore.


Our father's GOD to Thee
We pray for liberty
From all that cowers.
Long may our Clan survive
By our motto brave to live and thrive
"Fortasse" evermore.

Hampton Hymn (Tune of America)

Composed by Rev. Edgar Warren

On this glad festal day,
We grateful homage pay
To our loved town.
We prize its ancient name,
We sing its rising fame,
We hail with proud acclaim
Its fair renown.


Not ours the mountains high,
Rising against the sky
As eagles soar.
But ours the restless sea,
Flowing forever free,
Breaking incessantly
Along the shore.


Guided by God's good hand,
Our fathers sought this strand
With prayer and song.
They loved the forest cool,
They sought a righteous rule,
They built the church and school;
Their faith was strong.


Gone are the Pilgrim days
We love so well to praise,
They could not stay.
We have our duties stern,
We have our tasks to learn,
Today is our concern,
Not yesterday.


Our father's God, to thee,
Mighty in majesty,
To thee we come.
Bless us as here we meet
Around Thy mercy seat,
And bring, at last, our feet
To heaven our home


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