AARP Tax Help 2023

AARP Tax Help runs February 8th thru April 8th.

AARP will be doing tax help at the library for the 2023 season much the same as we did it in 2022. The IRS has given AARP permission to prepare taxes via a “Drop-Off” method where you consolidate your tax documents as described below and then deliver them to an AARP Tax Aide representative at the library.

Take one envelope per filing.  Refer to the Scope Poster which identifies what AARP can and cannot do. If you are self-employed, make sure you take a self-employment worksheet in addition to the tax envelope.  If you have employees, losses, expenses that exceed $35,000, depreciation, business use of home, 1099 filing requirements, or other complicating factors, AARP Tax-Aide is unable to complete your return.

You may return your completed package to an AARP representative at the Hampton Library.   A counselor will inventory your documents before you leave. 

Days and times for dropping off completed packages are as follows:

Wednesday:  1:30pm-3:30pm
Thursday:  2:30pm-5:30pm
Saturday:  10am-11 am 

All forms must be completed before you arrive to drop off your tax package. Incomplete packages will not be accepted.

What to bring for drop off: 

1) Copies of all social security cards associated with the return;

2) Official government identification;

3) Completed Intake/Interview, Form 13614;

4) Completed and signed Form 14446, Virtual VITA/TCE Taxpayer Consent;

5) 2021 tax forms and documents, Economic Impact Payment and Advanced Child Tax Credit Payment letters, and a copy of your bank information if requesting direct deposit of refund or direct withdrawal of amount due; and

6) Last year’s completed return.  

When in doubt, include documents in the envelope. 

A tax counselor will contact you by telephone for an intake interview.