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  • Reference USA logoAre you planning to start a business? Are you already a business owner but are looking for new markets into which to expand? Do you want to find out what the competition is up to? Reference USA is a database of information about American businesses. It provides in-depth data about businesses, including business names, addresses, zip codes, the number of employees, annual revenue, the names of managers or owners, business expenditures, nearby businesses, and more. You can limit results to businesses in your zip code, by company size, or other criteria. You can search using a number of different criteria, and either print your results or save them to a flash drive to study later.

    Some introductory video tutorials are available on the Reference USA website, and they also have a series of webinars that anyone can sign up and take.

    The two sections of Reference USA that hold business information are:

    U.S. Businesses

    This database of over 24 million U.S. businesses contains verified, accurate data and is...