Weston Gallery

  • “My Book Covers,” a creative challenge for the photographers of All About Paper Photo Enthusiasts Group, will be shown in our Weston Gallery at the Lane Memorial Library during the month of August.

    The photographers created three book covers with their photos, adding a title and their name to each photo as if they were real books. A reception will be held from 6:30 to 8 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 11 for members of the public to meet and greet the creative minds behind this fun project.

    Come out and meet the photographers, ask questions and get inspired. The event is free and open to all. Please contact Catherine Pagano at 603-380-3702 for information about AAPPEG.

  • In close embraceMake plans to join us on Wednesday, April 15th at 6:30 PM for an evening of poetry readings and discussion with Muriel Angelil, our current artist exhibiting in the Weston Gallery.  Currently living in Amesbury, MA, Muriel Angelil started to write in the 1980’s encouraged by her late husband Joseph Godwin who also was a writer. She has written poetry, children’s stories, a journal and technical articles on Expressive Art Therapy. As a way to understand her own life's journey, Angelil published a memoir Back to the Past, A Daughter of the Nile which described her life in Alexandria, Egypt and her reasons for leaving and settling in the USA.

    Recently she started to attend an Open Mic in Newburyport and her journey as a poet was launched. In a year, she has written over one hundred poems describing her relationships with family members, lovers and friends and her personal thoughts on death, love, dance and travels.

    Muriel Angelil is also an artist and has been exhibiting her paintings, monotypes and sculptures for the last thirty years. Her artworks show abstracted figurative shapes inspired by her life: including dancers, horses, little girls, women, and men.  Other works are simply abstracts inspired by her love of music and especially jazz...

  • John LeCours is a New Hampshire based painter who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology.  John takes inspiration from the natural beauty of his native new England and often takes Master classes to improve his craft and learn new techniques.  John most often works in oils and acrylic.

    His central goal in painting is to create beautiful imagery.  John's creative process centers on a direct spiritual response to nature in the tradition of George Inness, JMW Turner and in harmony with the essays and ideas of Henry David Thoreau.

    When he is not painting, John works as a Project Manager at Applied Graphics in Amesbury, MA.  He lives in Danville, NH.

    We invite the public to welcom John and learn more about his work at a reception in his honor on Saturday, December 20th at 3 PM.


  • Lee PerraultI grew up in rural, western NH during the 50’s and 60’s, drawing with pencil, charcoal, pen and ink. When my Jon Gnagy ‘Learn To Draw’ set was reduced to tatters, I moved on to ‘paint by numbers’. My favorite subject matter then was almost always animals. College still found me in the fine arts and, later, there was calligraphy, ceramics, photography and a profession in graphic design. Since moving to the seacoast in 1997, I have worked as a Colorist and Interior Design Consultant, with my company, Via Design, in Rye.

    My mom was an artist who also returned to her art later in life. As she was able to paint less and less, her wealth of oils and pastels began finding their way into my cellar, and I accrued a pile of materials. One day after she had passed on, I had an epiphany. Shortly thereafter, I began to dabble in paint once again.

    Three years ago, I built a studio onto my home, giving me a permanent place to paint. To say that picking up the brush again has been a rebirth, would probably be an understatement.  Currently still working, I use my painting time to explore subject matter, medium and technique – the reason you will see quite a variety! The animal subjects are still near and dear to my heart, with many more to follow. I also enjoy painting ‘plein air’ in areas near where I...

  • The library will be exhibiting the works of Dover artist Jean Roughan in our Weston Gallery during the month of September.  Jean's primary interest is in plein air landscapes in oil, but she also enjoys still life and portraits. Her paintings are currently in private collections throughout the United States and Canada, as well as at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. Jean is a past member of various local art associations, including Seacoast Art Association, Newburyport Art Association, Ocean City Art League, MD. And is currently a member of Great Bay Art Association.  We will host an artist reception at the library on Monday, September 15th at 6:30 PM.  All are welcome.

    We asked Jean to tell us a little about her work:

    Artist Jean Roughan"I became serious about my painting when my husband and I retired to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where I studied with several well-known local artists. I began seeing the beauty of the marshes and waters of the shore, learning to 'see' with an artist's eye. I noticed glorious splashes of color in unexpected places: puddles, patches of pavement, sand and water, dark stands of trees. My vision expanded when I began painting 'en plein air' and my soul was stirred by the beauty of foggy, cold days...

  • The All About Paper photo enthusiast group will be exhibiting their work at the Lane Memorial Library during the month of August.  8 members have chosen a collection of their favorite selections in response to the challenge "My Favorite Subject Matter or Technique Is ...".  A reception and 'Meet and Greet' is planned for the evening of Wednesday, August 6th from 6:00 - 7:30 PM, with light refreshments.

    Come out and meet the photographers, learn about the group and their monthly challenges, take a look through the member photo albums, ask questions, and get inspired for your own photography!

    More information about the monthly challenges is available at www.allaboutpaperllc.blogspot.com.

  • We welcome photographer Adam Woodworth to the Weston Gallery as our July artist.  He has mastered the amazing art of blending beautiful night skies with striking landscape compositions to produce etheral and almost surreal images.  Adam will also present an illustrated lecture on how he makes the magic, free and open to the public on Wednesday, July 9th at 6:30 PM

    Introduction to Landscape Astrophotography will take you on a night time journey across locations in Northern New England with a couple stops in New Brunswick and Quebec.  Adam will look at landscape photos that feature the galactic center of the Milky Way and discuss the stories and techniques behind the photos.

    Woodworth is a landscape photographer, fine art printer, award winning filmmaker, and software engineer.  He is originally from Kittery, Maine, and now resides in Rye, New Hampshire.  He has had a love of photography for over 15 years, and since 2008 he has focused on landscape photography.

    His goal as a photographer is to create compelling images using high quality tools and techniques.  His attention to detail as a long time computer programmer is not lost in his photography and fine art printing.
    He often strives to produce images that capture the beauty of nature, but he also uses special techniques to create images that often times look otherworldly.

    Adam can frequently be found wandering around the White...

  • Nancy MorganDuring the month of June, Nancy Morgan will be exhibiting her textured scenes of coastal life in our downstairs Weston Gallery. At first glance many viewers are hard pressed to believe that these images are created from bits of fabric and a variety of stitching techniques. We asked Nancy to share a little bit of how she creates these amazing photo-realistic works.

    She replied that many of her pieces begin with a photograph she takes of local scenes. “The actual process is much the same as painting,” she says, “My sewing machine being my brush and my fabric and thread being my medium. Fabric is layered, stitched using the free motion technique, and the excess fabric cut away for each element of the piece, also known as raw edged appliqué. Thread and tulle (nylon net) are then sewn as shading or accents. My intent is to depict as much detail as possible using the medium of fabric, thread and tulle."

    Morgan’s intimate acquaintance with fabric comes from the years that she has been sewing since she was a child. Her very early love of dancing, which continued through adulthood when she studied dance at Adelphi University, resulted in many hours spent at the sewing machine to fashion costumes. 

    Although self taught she has always had an interest in art and graphic design. Several years...

  • Barbara LondonPlease join us on Thursday May 29, at 7 PM in the downstairs Weston Gallery for a jazz concert featuring Hampton’s own Barbara London on flute, keyboard, and vocals, joined by bassist Jim Lyden and drummer Gary Gemmiti.  The trio will play selections from Barbara’s new recording, Moonlight, as well as favorite jazz standards.  There will be a chance to meet the artists and a Q & A  opportunity.  Barbara’s new CD and watercolor cards will be on display and available. The concert is free and open to the public. For more information please contact Amanda Reynolds Cooper at the library, (603) 926-3368.

    Barbara London is an award-winning flutist, composer, pianist, vocalist, artist, and educator. Recipient of three National Endowment for the Arts jazz performance grants, she has performed across the country and abroad and produced eight recordings of original compositions on her wild aster label.

    Jim Lyden studied with both classical and jazz bassists. He gained experience by playing throughout northern New England with blues, funk, rock, and jazz musicians including Tiger Okoshi, Herb Pomeroy, Oliver Lake, and Frank Foster.

    Gary Gemmiti studied with the late world-renowned Alan Dawson. Comfortable in a variety of styles, Gemmiti has worked with well-known New...

  • Child at vendor stallIn May 2014 the Lane Library will host a picture exchange with a photo group based in Istanbul Turkey entitled Large City Small Town: We all walk in the same world.  A library in Turkey will host pictures from a Hampton photo group in their gallery space as well, providing patrons of each library with a glimpse into the daily lives of people halfway around the globe.  The brainchild of Katharine Harake, who lives in both worlds, the photo exchange is facilitated by Karen Raynes, who collected and mounted the photos of Hampton and Istanbul for display in the library. 

    The idea took off when Katharine started thinking about her early life in Hampton.  "I benefited greatly from growing up in a town like Hampton with such a great library and was curious why libraries are not as prevalent in Turkey, where I have lived for nearly 20 years.

    I visited an award winning library in Istanbul last year called Turabibaba, and was very impressed by their efforts to improve the reading culture in their neighborhood. Their director, Mustafa Erdem, uses innovative programs like speed reading classes and youth activities to bring readers through the door.   I told him about life in Hampton and the library, and he suggested some type of cultural exchange to help raise awareness.  We...

  • Audrey CovertThis month we welcome Dover artist Audrey Covert to the Weston Gallery.  Audrey enjoys water color painting and finds children's toys to be great subjects for her art work, specifically many of her granddaughter's toys, which she finds interesting and inspiring.  Audrey took several art classes at the University of New Hampshire where she was able to work closely with many talented instructors.  Audrey's favorite painting is of the Portsmouth Lighthouse.

    The library will host a "meet and greet" reception for Audrey in the Lane Room Weston Gallery on Monday, April 21, from 5:30 to 6:30 PM.  All are welcome!

  • BlueberriesIn 2004 four friends and artists - Patricia Crowley of Windham, Corinne Dodge, Judy Krassowski and Ingeborg V. Seaboyer of Derry - presented an art exhibit at the Massabesic Audubon Center which drew inspiration from the seasonal variety of New England, and highlighted their individual work in Oils, Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Photography and Mixed Media.  Ten years later, with a decade of new works to draw from, they revisit the theme this winter.  So on a cold winter's day stop in to enjoy an artistic winter, a memory of autumn, a preview of summer and a reminder that spring is not so far away.

    Autumn's HarvestWinterberry HollyHobblebush

  • Libby ChaseFor the month of February, local artist Libby Chase will be displaying the full-sized framed illustrations for her children's book "A Tail of Two Kitties" in the Weston Gallery of the Lane Memorial Library.  Written by her brother and brought to life by an innovative financing campaign through Kickstarter.com, the book was inspired by the tale of Eddie's two kitties, Rusty and Sparky.  Noting that the full title of the book is  "A Tail of Two Kitties; Their Adventure with Antonyms, Homonyms & Synonyms",  Eddie recalls drawing on his Masters in Education in order to play with the twists and turns of words in the English language.  The result is a fun read for all ages.

    The exhibit is an arrangement of 10 of the original illustrations from the book matted and framed. The pages selected are ones that just have Rusty & Sparky in them - from being the Best of cats to the Worst of cats!

    Libby will be speaking at the Lane Library on Tuesday evening, February 11 at 6:30 PM where she will discuss the book and the process of how it was published through a Kickstarter "crowd funding" campaign.  All are welcome to attend, especially those who might be interested in going this route for their own creative efforts.  Crayons and a special coloring-book illustration of Rusty...

  • Hampton residents are cordially invited to an opening night reception for art students of Jane Copp at our downstairs Weston Gallery on Thursday, January 9th from 6:00 to 7:30 PM, with light refreshments served.  Student works on display will include paintings and drawings by Cate Cassassa, Nancy Drew, Sara Duhamel, Isabelle Bleming, Maggie Ginieres, Meredith Maloney and Michaela Maloney.  The exhibit will continue thorughout the month of January, and all are welcome to stop by and enjoy the exhibit any time the library is open.

  • The Road Not TakenThe Road Not Taken is an art exhibit inspired by the poetry of Robert Frost and conceived by Derry artists Corinne Dodge, Judy Krassowski and Ingeborg Seaboyer for the grand re-opening of the Derry Public Library, Derry NH, in September 2011. After a few months’ residence at the Derry site, the artists decided to look for other New Hampshire venues for the exhibit - other “roads” for it to travel. The art collection is currently touring public libraries, community and university venues throughout southeastern New Hampshire, and has received requests to bring the show to Massachusetts and Vermont.

    The artwork viewed in The Road Not Taken includes both new works inspired by the words of Robert Frost and some older pieces that provide vivid and connective imagery for his anthology of poems. Planning for this exhibit afforded the three artists the opportunity to revisit Frost’s work, reading and rereading, to match just the right words to its appropriate visual. Many of the poems resurfaced with the familiarity and comfort of old friends; others, more unfamiliar or obscure, presented their own intrigue and challenges. The artists chose one poem to be interpreted with their individual styles as the lead works for the exhibit. Each subsequent work is...

  • Water Smartweed, Flagstaff LakeAs you walk in the woods of New Hampshire you can see a continuous variety of shapes, colors and textures, arranged seemingly randomly as a result of the natural forces at play. Richard Widhu’s paintings are inspired by these views of nature, while also following certain tendencies in modern art such as randomness, a continuous overall image, and a shallow depth of field. He is especially attentive to color as it appears in nature, modified to present a harmonious composition. Widhu aims to create art which reflects a calm, almost meditative mood, resulting from his spiritual attitude toward nature.

    Widhu has studied art at Massachusetts College of Art, Boston Museum of Fine Arts School, and the NH Institute of Art. He has been painting for 50 years and his work has been exhibited in juried shows in New England and nationally.

    The paintings of Richard Widhu will be on exhibit in the Weston Gallery throughout the month of November, 2013.  The Lane Memorial Library will also host an artist reception for Mr. Widhu on Saturday, November 9th from 2-5 PM. The reception is open to all, with light refreshments provided.


  • Under SteamIf you look closely while driving along back roads, you can see abandoned trucks and cars in the woods, in dirt lanes, and in fields. They are the detritus of a former age, objects that have outlived their useful life. However, there is certain majesty in these discarded objects. It is this majesty that painter William Turner has captured and given a new life and purpose to our former companions.

    The paintings of William C. Turner will be on exhibit in Lane Memorial Library, Hampton, NH during the month of October, 2013.  Turner paints the effects of time—the weathered look, the patterns of rust, the crooked bumper that have transformed what was a once useful tool into something now discarded because of newer editions.
    Turner considers his paintings as portraits that take on human qualities. He says of his work: “Symbolically these machines take on a human-like quality: the bumper may be distorted into a crooked smile; the grill a bent out of shape nose; the headlight, sometimes broken, resemble eyes. Each one, like us is allotted a limited time to perform a mission and hopefully grow old with grace and dignity.”

    Turner has a BFA from New Hampshire Art Institute and has served as an Adjunct Professor at Manchester Community College. His work has been exhibited throughout New England, New York and several...

  • Kate HanlonBased in Georgetown, MA, woodcut artist Kate Hanlon is our featured artist for September in the downstairs Weston Gallery.  She is skilled in a printmaking technique called "white line carving" that was adapted from older Japanese techniques in 1915 by a group of six artists in Provincetown, MA.  The process involves carving an outline into a sheet of wood, then brushing each section with watercolor paint and rolling a sheet of paper over the painted sections.  This results in a beautiful, "stained-glass" effect for the finished print.

    Thanks to a generous subsidy from the Friends of the Lane Library, Kate will be teaching a workshop for those 16 years or older who would like to try their hand at this style of printmaking.  The class will take place on Saturday, September 28th from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM.  No previous artistic experience is necessary, but please be aware that participants will be cutting designs into a wood block with a very sharp knife!

    There is a materials cost of $5 per person, and the class is limited to 20 people.  Those interested may call the library at (603) 926-3368, or sign up at the Adult Circulation Desk.

    Kate maintains a website and blog presence at www....

  • Image courtesy Patty WeeksThe Hampton All About Paper's Photo Enthusiasts Group will be exhibiting their work during the month of August in the Weston Gallery.  In January 2012 Catherine Pagano began the group for the purpose of bringing together like-mimded amateur photographers.  In her own words, "we challenge ourselves to learn more about what our cameras can do for us, in a non-competitive environment.  There are no experts in our group; most of us have basic 'point and click' cameras.  All of us enjoy challenging ourselves to take pictures out of our comfort zones."

    The group is always looking for new members.  There is no special requirement to join, except to have a camera and the enthusiasm to experiment, learn more about your camera, and challenge yourself to take better and more interesting pictures.  There is no fee to join, and no required meetings.  Those interested in the group can follow along with each month's challenge on the group's blog page at www.allaboutpaperllc.blogspot.com .

    Those who wish to attend the monthly meetings are welcome to join other members on the 3rd Sunday of each month,...

  • "Daisy Love"Lynn Schulte will be exhibiting her travelling art show Remembrance: the Pink Chair Project in the Lane Library Weston Gallery during the month of July, 2013.  The group of paintings make up a love story that celebrates the memory of Lynne’s mother in moving and beautiful images. Lynne sensed her mother’s presence while painting an Adirondack chair of her mother’s favorite color – bright, knock-your-socks-off pink. After the initial surprise of that experience, Lynne began placing the chair into various locations that had special meaning to herself or her mother. In this way, she created a cohesive body of work that shines as individual paintings as well as a sensitive and powerful grouping.

    Each painting has a story. As she painted, Lynne understood more about her mother, about her relationship with her mother, and herself. These stories are written and posted with the paintings. “In grieving and learning to accept that my mother is gone, I am celebrating that she has been released,” said Schulte. “As hard as it is not to have her here with me, there is an understanding that comes.”

    People are invited to participate in the project by posting a note to a loved one, or by writing a longer excerpt in the Remembrance book available in the Weston Gallery.  Lynn maintains a blog about the Pink...