Lane Library Celebrates Its Volunteers

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Lane Library Celebrates Its Volunteers

By Liz Premo

Atlantic News, Thursday, May 10, 2001

[The following article is courtesy of the Atlantic News]

Lane Library Volunteers
READY TO GIVE A HELPING HAND -- Volunteers who give of their time at the Lane Memorial Library were recently honored at a special celebration, where they received plenty of well-deserved praise from Library staff and trustees.Seated, left to right: Mary Jo Murphy, Erna Seavey, Sally Mitchell. Standing, left to right: Arlene Farrell, Claire Bourque, Anne Gardner, Helene Antonakis, Virginia Proulx, Jane McDermott, Elder Fessler, Elder Finaru, Mona Otis, John Holman, Helen Moynihan.
[Atlantic News Photo by Liz Premo]

HAMPTON — The Lane Memorial Library celebrated its close to 20 volunteers with a special appreciation reception held last Thursday afternoon in the library’s Wheaton Lane Room. Library staff, including Assistant Director Bill Teschek, Director of Adult Services Jeanne Gamage and Children's Librarian Cindy Stosse were on hand for the amiable event.

Library Director Catherine Redden greeted the guests of honor, who were seated at white-draped tables that were decorated with spring flower centerpieces and sprinkled with purple star confetti. While they enjoyed cake, fruit and beverages, the volunteers were praised for their services, which range from shelving books, to running to the office supply store, to just being faithfully present whenever needed, for anywhere from one to 24 hours per week.

Volunteering at the library appears to be more of a pleasure than a task for members of the group. “I really enjoy it. It’s a nice diversion,” said Jane McDermott, who gives of her time in the Children’s Room. Her co-volunteer, former children’s librarian Sally Mitchell, enjoys the work environment. “It’s a very friendly children’s room,” she says, one with “a friendly and enjoyable” atmosphere.

Arlene Farrell, who for “more than 30 years” has been found “usually upstairs ... wherever!” says that “it’s nice to focus on one thing,” rather than be surrounded by myriad of household chores. And Claire Bourque, who is a 15-year volunteer, says “I enjoy meeting and working with the people, and seeing all my friends in town.” Bourque added that she appreciates being able to do “something for them that they don’t have the time to do for themselves.”

Lane Library History Volunteer John Holman, whose jovial sense of humor was reflected in his name tag (“Please don’t yell at me, I’m only a volunteer!”) has helped out at the library for more than two years, more recently keeping himself very busy working on its Web site. “I’m due for another raise, Bill,” he joked to Teschek. “Consider it done!” was Teschek’s response.

Besides McDermott, Mitchell, Farrell, Bourque and Holman the list of Lane Memorial Library volunteers includes Helene Antonakis, Doreen Carr, Anne Gardner, Linda Gray, Joan Kahl, Mona Otis (who was referred to as a permanent fixture” at the library), Virginia Proulx, Elder Fessler, Elder Finaru, Erna Seavey, Barbara Soper, Helen Moynihan, and Mary Jo Murphy.

Also present for the occasion were Library Trustees Sara Casassa and Lenore Patton, who commented that “it’s important for [the] trustees to be here to say thank you [to the volunteers]. The library really couldn’t function as well without them.” And indeed, as the event came to a close — after the volunteers had been presented with navy blue tote bags as gifts of appreciation — Casassa told them warmly “Thank you very much for all you do.”

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