Lions and Tigers and Readers – Oh My!

Cynthia Stosse, Children’s Librarian
Lane Memorial Library

Rocky the Lobster at the party
Rocky the Lobster (aka Jim Sheehy)
raises a claw in greeting during the
Summer Reading Program grand finale
The finale of the Summer Reading Program at the Lane Memorial Library was held on August 1, 2002. Two hundred four children signed up to read; over 3500 books were read for a total of over 45,000 minutes. The children were still excited about the reading contest as they entered the room for celebration, the drawing of the winning tickets and the return of Rocky the Lobster from his summer of coast to coast traveling.

Upon entering, each child and parent was given a ticket for a door prize and given a picture hunt – to determine where Rocky had been between Hampton and all the way to California and places in between. Max Gagnon was the winner with almost 100% correct.

Then the anticipation of prizes was overshadowed by the return of Rocky. Not the squeaky plastic one that had accompanied the travelers, but a life-size one in the person of Jim Sheehy. He was greeted with exuberant laughter and welcoming waves from the crowd.

Then the time of the drawing came. The eyes of all the children were on the treasure box as one by one names were called to retrieve the books donated by Glenda Engelbach; theme T-shirts; puppets and stuffed toys; and many other goodies. Finally, the drawing time for the bicycle that was donated by Wal-mart in Seabrook was upon us. Ellie Shuman was the lucky recipient this year and was shocked to hear her name and thrilled to actually have it in her hands. The children went home full of treats and good times and having read and read and still toting books out to continue reading. A victory lap was taken around the room by Ellie, only after the masses had left.