New Children's Librarian Launches New Puppet Program

By Terrill Covey, Hampton Union Staff Writer

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union, October 10, 2000, and Seacoast Online.]

Kids and Puppets
Members of the Sheehy family pose with
their favorite puppets at the Lane Library
in Hampton. From left to right: Ann, 3, with
bunny; David, 8, with witch; Mary, 9, with
puffin; and Philip, 4, with Willy the Whale.
These and other hand puppets will be
available for loan from the library.
[Staff photo by Emily Reily]
HAMPTON — Cynthia Stosse wants to bring reading to life at Lane Memorial Library.

She says that the library's new puppets — now making the rounds at the circulation desk — will help her with that goal.

Stosse, who came on boar as children's librarian in August, said that there were several puppets at the library she worked at in Pennsylvania, and she thinks that they are a valuable tool in reading for kids. The Lane Memorial Library just began loaning out the puppets last week.

"We used to script some of the books so the kids could use the puppets to act them out," she said. She hopes to do the same thing at Lane, where a puppet theater is under construction for the children's area downstairs.

The library has 35 new puppets from the Folkmanis Company. There is everything from whales, to wolves, to birds for the kids to enjoy.

"They help to introduce kids to non-fiction books about animals," Stosse said. "It also helps to act out the stories."

The library will sign them out for two weeks at a time, just like books.

Stosse has about 100 of her own puppets, which she showed to the kids when she first got to Hampton.

"They were well received by the kids," she said. "So I got permission to get some for the library."

Stosse also said that the puppets are a great form of expression for the kids.

"There is a lot of things that kids won't tell you, but their puppets will," she said with a chuckle.

Stosse said she's very dedicated to children and she will continue to dedicate herself to children in Hampton.

"My whole life is dedicated to children and reading," she said. "I couldn't read as a child and I know what it feels like. Nobody knew I needed glasses until I was 10 years old. That's why I'm in the business."

Stosse worked in Pennsylvania for 12 years as a Children's Librarian. She moved to Hampton when she applied for and was hired for the librarian position open at Lane.

"After 25 years, I wanted to come home," she said. "I found this job on the Internet and it was perfect."

She said that she has several goals to complete as the Children's Librarian

"I want to instill the value of reading in as many children as I can come in contact with," she said. "I want to encourage them to ask questions and help them find the answers."

She also said that she wants to supply as many kids with as many books as she can get into their hands, and that she wants to make the children's room at the library and inviting, safe place for the kids to go.

She said that she feels like she fills several roles in a small capacity.

"I feel like a teacher, a friend, a parent in little bits here and there," she said.

Stosse said that her favorite thing about the job is being with the children.

"They are our future," she said. "They are wonderful.