Presidents & Patriotism At The Lane Memorial Library

By Liz Premo

Atlantic News, Thursday, March 01, 2001

[The following article is courtesy of the Atlantic News]
Cyndy Stosse
[ PATRIOTIC PARTYERS — Left, Following a sing-a-long and a parade held in the Lane Room during Lane Library’s recent Patriotic Party, Children’s Librarian Cyndy Stosse, left, served refreshments to Katrina and Michaela Morris; below, Brynach Hoyt took a peek between a couple of Old Glories while participants sang Happy Birthday to George Washington.
{Atlantic News Photos by Liz Premo}]

HAMPTON — Festooned with red, white and blue crepe streamers, the Lane Room at the Lane Library went patriotic on George Washington’s birthday last Thursday evening when approximately eight children; with parents in tow, joined in a Patriotic Party celebrating Presidents’ Day.

Participants were encouraged to wear red, white and blue. to the event, and the majority of them gladly did so. Josie Grasco arrived in a blue dress and wearing white tights embroidered with a red and blue design. Bryan Lafond, who brought a hand-drawn flag to post on the podium in honor of President’s Day, sported red-dyed hair to complement his white shirt and blue cargo pants. Brynach Hoyt wore white socks with a stars-and-stripes design knitted right into them.

Bynach Hoyt
Brynach Hoyt

The party began with a salute to the flag — or rather, flags — as about a half-dozen miniatures and one standard-sized flag were on display on the platform. Then, under the direction of Children’s Librarian Cyndy Stosse (wearing a cozy flag-themed sweater), and accompanied on the keyboard by library volunteer John Holman (looking stately in his star-spangled top hat and tie), the group sang an assortment of patriotic-themed songs, all set to familiar tunes. Then, on a somewhat quieter note, Stosse read a poem entitled, “How Washington Dressed.”

A chorus of “Happy Birthday” was sung, and some much-welcomed refreshments were served, after everyone enjoyed several turns around the room during an energetic Patriotic Parade, which took place while the music played. Participants also received a sparkling red, white and blue pencil and a special President’s Day coloring book to enjoy at home as a reminder of the celebration.

The Patriotic Party is the latest in a series of evening children’s programs that will be held at the library this year. Stosse would like to have an especially-themed event one night each month, and says she is already planning to have kites at the March program, the date of which will be announced soon. For more information on the evening programs, or any other children’s programs at the Lane Library, call Children’s Librarian Cyndy Stosse at 926-4729.