Falling back and some new library policies

By Catherine Redden Director, October 2000, 926-3368

Have you planned ahead what you will do with your extra hour October 28th? That's the day to set your clocks back. You should come to the library and grab a good book to read in that hour. How about a read-a-thon with your family - everyone has to read something in a designated time. You could even break it up into two reading periods, after lunch and after supper. What if you were to read aloud to the family? Pick a book with chapters so that you can leave them in suspense and make them impatient until the next time you read to them. Remember how much you liked being read to as a kid? It's never too late to enjoy it even now. Can't see the print in those little books that are all the rage? Take out some of the books on cassette and let someone read to you!

One person who will be glad for the extra hour is Jeanne Gamage, our Adult Services librarian. Jeanne started October 2nd and immediately made an impact by redefining and making the back room work space much more efficient. She has been learning this circulation system and seeing it from a new viewpoint. Her questions will make it even better. However, she's been up to her eyeballs with all the projects we saved for her to do, and that extra hour away from our lists will look mighty good to her.

In a continuing effort to better serve the people of Hampton, the library department heads: reference, adult, children and technical services, met and discussed ways to improve service. Three ideas emerged and will be implemented soon. The first will impact everyone. Starting in November, everything except museum passes, videos and artwork will check out for the same stated time - two weeks. No more remembering which book you have to read first; everything will have the same date and the same renewal options, unless there is a reserve on the item. The second idea is to remove the fee for checking out videos. They will still be due back the following day, and the overdue fine will still be a dollar a day (to encourage quick turn returns), but you no longer have to pay to take out an entertainment video. Hampton will finally join the ranks of other libraries that do not charge fees for videos.

The third change is we're changing the fee for a lost card to a flat one dollar each time. Getting a new card and barcode should be even simpler now - no more tracking how many cards you've had and figuring out what the fee is - it's one dollar.

Remember the annual library staff craft and bake sale - we're raising money for new books and museum passes. Not only does the staff make and bake, but also library customers make and bake and donate their talents to the sale; there are some perennial favorites whose baked goods disappear quickly. We welcome any and all donations and encourage you to do some holiday shopping the week of November 13th to the 18th.

Keep an eye out for reports of the Mayflower. Coming soon - to a library near you!