Lane Library News, June 2000


By Catherine Redden Director 926-3368

It's almost summertime! Make your list now. What do you want to be able to say you've done at the end of the summer? Want to visit museums? Check out our list of museum passes which admit you free or at reduced rates - and don't turn up your nose about taking children to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston - they absolutely love the mummies! We'll take reservations no more than two weeks ahead, so mark your calendar when to call us! We love hearing from you. Last minute calling works too - we're always willing to check to see what passes are available on the spot. Don't forget that many of the attractions have extended summer hours - if it was raining in the a.m. and sunny in the afternoon, you just might snag a pass that someone cancelled during the rainstorm. Like to drive? Come check out the various books on local getaways and day trips. Too many people at the beach? Escape to the mountains. The tourist industry provides and regularly restocks several glossy brochures on state attractions in our reference area. Come take a look and a brochure: castle tours in NH's very own castle - Castle in the Clouds, Six Gun City, Story Land, Clark's Trading Post, and the official White Mountains Map & Guide! Locally there are harbor cruises and whale watches. Don't let the summer get away from you - have a plan to catch a little of it!

Have you discovered the joy of large print books yet? In today's information overload age, sometimes it's pure joy to grab a book with larger print and more white space. Somehow that combination makes for an easier read! The library provides collections on a rotating basis to the Seacoast Health Center and to the Dearborn House. If you regularly visit anyone at either place, keep an eye out for large print, or come in and see us if you know someone's specific interests. We have a large collection to choose from here in the library. Are you just too tired to read by the time you get all your work and chores done? Try one of our books on tape or books on CD and let a professional reader entertain you! You can listen while you do those mind numbing chores or drive all over to do those million and one errands, or sit stuck in traffic watching the other lane move.

The Summer Reading Program begins the week of June 26th! Remember that list of things to do that you're making now - add trips to the library! Make summer reading a family affair. And bring your kids, your parents, your neighbors! See you at the library!