Lane Library News, April 2001

By Catherine Redden, Director

Happy Spring! The sun is shining, finally! Please welcome Elli Cyr to the library on your next visit in. She joins us part-time and is already known in Hampton for her work in the Center School.

We just had someone come in the library who was thrilled to discover that we have large print books. It's good to remind us that not everyone knows what we have to offer. For those of us who wear glasses or have vision problems, including tired itchy eyes in allergy season, the large print books offer a chance to read without eye strain. Larger typeface and more white space around the type makes reading easier. The large print books are just to the right of the newspapers and fill up one wall and half walls. New large print books are shelved over there with the same little pink tape marking that all new items bear. Thanks to Gerry Dignam, we have a few more new large print books. Gerry donated those he bought while he was away from our collection. We encourage donations of materials you've read, or even listened to, so that others might share the pleasure.

If reading takes time you don't have to spare, try listening to a book on tape or on CD. During a recent drive to and from a meeting in Burlington, VT, I was able to listen to three different books that I would not have had time to read otherwise. Listening passes the time and one can ignore the occasional traffic jam as it just gives more time to let a story unfold. Other devotees of the audio book format confess to driving around parking lots, just to hear the ending of an episode. Many new cars now come equipped with CD players giving drivers a choice of music or books to listen to on that format. You can borrow either at the library. We have a large music CD collection ranging from classical to country to jazz to new age to popular with a few more categories in between. The books on CD collection is smaller, but building. Save your pennies by coming in and taking out something to listen to. No more high CD bills to pay!

And school vacation looming on the horizon reminds us that a trip to a museum in always a fun time. Summer's coming. Make your plans now and make a list of Must Do's to accomplish. Check them off as you do them and you won't get to September and wish, "If only I'd planned to do thus and such!" We have the standard museum passes: Portsmouth Children's Museum; Portland Art Museum; Currier Gallery of Art in Manchester; The Seacoast Science Center; the New Hampshire Museum of History in Concord; the Boston Museum of Fine Arts; the Boston Children's Museum; The Boston Museum of Science; and the Boston Aquarium which is good only until summer. (They do not honor a pass system in the summer.) We accept museum reservations two weeks ahead so mark your calendar in advance and give us a call! We're all looking forward to seeing many of you in to take advantage of our collection of books, tapes, newspapers, magazines, music and book CD's, artwork, puzzles, and even computers.