Interim Library Director Named in Hampton

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Shirley Barron to Fill in For Catherine Redden

By Patrick Cronin

Hampton Union, Tuesday, January 8, 2007

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

HAMPTON -- The trustees of the Lane Memorial Library recently hired an interim director to fill in for Catherine Redden, who has been out on medical leave since June.

Bridgit Valgenti, chairwoman of the trustees, said the board unanimously voted at its December meeting to hire Shirley Barron.

Barron, who worked as the interim director at the Hollis Social Library in Hollis, will serve in the position until Redden is able to return to work.

"Catherine is on medical leave and is not being replaced," Valgenti. "She is a great director and we hope she will come back soon."

Valgenti said the trustees felt they could go no longer operate without having a permanent person in that position.

Redden has been out on medical leave for undisclosed medical reasons since June 15.

Valgenti said Assistant Library Director Bill Teschek has been doing double duty for the last six months. Not only has he been doing his normal duties but also serving as acting library director.

"The staff has done wonderfully in her absence but it's been long enough," Valgenti said. "This was our time frame when we said we would look for someone on an interim basis."

Barron, who has officially accepted the job, will be working only 34 hours a week.

"She was a wonderful candidate," Valgenti said. Her references spoke very highly of her."

Other business:

At their last meeting, the trustees voted to reward the staff members for all of their hard work during Redden's absence by giving them a paid day off on Dec. 31.

"They have been understaffed since June 15 and we wanted to recognize their efforts," Valgenti said.

"While all of our patrons miss Catherine, the library has been functioning beautifully. Everyone just stepped in and the staff did a wonderful job."

The board also voted in non-public to give a $2,000 bonus to one employee for assuming the position of acting director for the last six months.

Valgenti said they made the decision by taking into account that the employee did not receive a salary increase for assuming the extra responsibilities of the position.

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