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Letter to the Editor by Mona Otis

Atlantic News, Friday, June 22, 2007

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MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC — Mona Otis (center), flanked by Betty and Jack Lessard, is pictured here in the Lane Memorial Library's Dorothy Little Room, seated at the old-fashioned organ that the Lessards presented to the library on the occasion of Mona's 90th birthday.
[Atlantic News Courtesy Photo]

To the Editor:

Sincere Thanks!

I would like to thank my friends for the lovely surprise party thrown for me on the occasion of my birthday.

All the Bingo players were there to harass me, and I wish I knew what sneaky Pete decided that when I reached 90 the town should know about it. So much for maidenly coyness when asked about my age!

Jack and Betty Lessard took the occasion to donate a beautiful old-fashioned organ to the Dorothy Little Room, which almost inspires me to remember my music lessons and figure out what to do with my left hand.

Dyana Martin, director of the rec department, repaid me for any snide birthday card I ever gave her by arranging for Liz Premo of the Atlantic News to come and publicize the event. So complete strangers now speak to me in the supermarket -- which is fine -- do they have to say, "Ninety? Wow!"

I have no way to single out any one person to thank. Roseanna Wright as usual was busy on the phone, many people brought food, I received cute gifts, cards, my very first balloon and many smart alec remarks (and I do not mean ALEC). At my 91st party I would like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Mona Otis, Hampton

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