Book Sale Offers A Zillion Things To Read

By Liz Premo, Atlantic News, Staff Writer

Atlantic News, Friday, April 15, 2005

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News.]

RAFFLE WINNER -- Hampton resident Rosanna Wright was so excited to hear she won the beautiful cross-stitch lighthouse framed in a brass porthole, that she ran right down to the book sale to pick it up. Barrie Russell of "The Threaded Canvas" generously donated the item to the recent Friends of the Lane Memorial Library's book sale. The item was raffled on Saturday, April 9, 2005, the last day of the book sale.
[Atlantic News Photo by Linda Libbey]

HAMPTON -- Ask Children’s Librarian Cynthia Stosse how many children’s books were donated for the recent book sale hosted by the Friends of the Lane Library, and she responds in unabashedly basic terms.

“Strictly from a children’s librarian’s view,” Stosse laughs, “we probably got a zillion!”

Some of the earliest lucky browsers to peruse the zillion or so titles were nine first grade classes from Centre School, which over the years has enjoyed an important literacy partnership with the Lane Library.

Congregating in the Lane Room last Thursday morning, with three classes at a time visiting during a trio of allotted hourly time slots, the students eagerly made their 25-cent selections. Lizzy McGuire, Dr. Seuss, dinosaurs, Clifford and Star Wars were among those books that were up for grabs.

Once they picked out the books they wished to purchase (with guidance supplied by their teachers), they paid for them with the quarter generously supplied to each student by the school.

(Using the quarters at the book sale complemented what the students have been studying during their math lessons, according to teacher Kathie Street. Along with her colleague, Cindy Arlington, Street is instrumental in organizing the activities which Centre School shares with the Lane Library during the academic year.)

Seated on the floor while waiting to return to class, the students took time to thumb through their latest literary acquisitions, frequently sharing what was in the pages their new book with a nearby pal.

Stosse appeared to be impressed with the orderliness of the first graders’ book binge, active and enthusiastic as it was.

“They were coming with a purpose,” she said, noting that for the youngsters, taking part in the book sale is “like diving into a cake.” That doesn’t mean they made any sort of a mess, however.

“These kids know how to behave in groups,” said Stosse. “They can maintain themselves.” As well, she gives high praise to the educators who encourage them to dig into a book on a daily basis.

“Working with these teachers is just so great,” Stosse said.

Early on the Friends of the Lane Library made it known to area teachers that they were encouraged to come and purchase books for their classroom libraries. According to Friends member Linda Libbey, Marston School third grade teacher Michelle Croteau scooped up a good-sized selection of biographies, which are introduced as a study unit in that particular grade level.

The general public also had the opportunity to stop by and make their book selections, as well as enter a 50/50 raffle and a chance to win a cross-stitch wall hanging (won by Hampton resident Rosanna Wright). Visitors were encouraged to consider joining the Friends of the Lane Memorial Library during preview night at the book sale, which was chaired by Dot Gooby and Diane Keyes, with generous support from Barrie Russell and other group members.

This and other Friends of the Library fundraising efforts directly benefit the Lane Memorial Library, as well as help preserve and strengthen the library as a community resource. For more information about the Friends, visit library/friends.

SO MANY CHOICES -- A group of first graders from Centre School check out the selection of titles for sale at the Friends of the Lane Memorial Library book sale. Each student used a quarter supplied to them by the school to make their purchase. [Atlantic News Photo by Liz Premo]

LOOK AT A BOOK -- Centre School first graders read the books they just purchased at a book sale hosted by the Friends of the Lane Memorial Library. Nine classes visted during the sale.
[Atlantic News Photo by Liz Premo

TEAMWORK -- Katrina, Anna and Michaela Morris, Betsy Eickenberg, Kacey Morris and Mary Connor selected books as a team at the Lane Memorial Friends Book Sale, held on Saturday, April 9.
[Atlantic News Photo by Linda Libbey]

QUICK PICK -- Samuel Sanborn, age 21 months old, chooses the winner of the 50/50 raffle at the recent Friends of the Lane Memorial Library Book Sale. Samuel came with his parents from Windham to attend the sale.
[Atlantic News Photo by Linda Libbey]

IN THE BAG -- Matt Tilbury took advantage of the Friends' last day of the book sale special: Buy a bag, fill it for free. Matt is a former Hampton resident and traveled all the way from Kittery to attend the book sale, which is earning a reputation for a large selection of top quality books and great prices.
[Atlantic News Photo by Linda Libbey]