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An Open Letter to The Hampton Community

By Dot Gooby, President

Friends of the Lane Memorial Library

Atlantic News, Thursday, July 29, 2004

"The Friends of the Lane Memorial Library would like to extend their gratitude to all the countless individuals and library staff that assisted the Friends in their recent used book sale.

"As you probably know by now, the Friends of the Lane Memorial Library’s first annual book and bake sale was a great success. Thanks to all of you, we cleared over $2,500. Congratulations to everyone! We couldn’t have done it without all of your help.

"I would like to thank some special people who helped us. The library volunteers were super! They not only helped set up and sort books, but helped staff the sale as well. A huge "thank you" to them all.

"Thanks also go to the library staff for their help; the employees from Public Works who brought the tables from the American Legion and helped set them up; John Holman, who was always available when needed; and two volunteers from town — Jan Tremblay and Pam Provencher — who called to say, “How can I help you with the sale?” and took shifts working at the sale. They are now our newest members of the Friends.

"Thanks also go to Friends members Judy Geller, Diane Keyes and Jan Thompson, who co-chaired the bake sale; [and] Priscilla Hall who made all those phone calls asking people to bake, and to all the wonderful bakers. The bake sale brought in almost $600. Thank you to Linda Sadlock who had the idea to hold a 50/50 raffle. She set it up, and we made $66.50 and the lucky winner took home $66.50.

"Our publicity chairman, Linda Libbey, did a super job of getting us lots of coverage in the newspapers and on Channel 22. Through her efforts we received many donations of books, some for our sale and some were added to the library collections. Member Ann Hansen made the great posters that were hung in the library and Judy Geller designed the flyers that were distributed around town by Karin Theodorous, Judy, Diane, Kay, Dot and Linda Libbey. Thanks to you all!

"A final "thank you" goes to the community for supporting our sale. The keys to success were generous donations of fine books and materials by the community and the tireless work of our dedicated volunteers.

"All proceeds from the sale are used to support library services. If you are interested in becoming a Friend of the Lane Memorial Library, contact me at 926-4069. The Friends of the Lane Memorial Library are a multi-age volunteer group whose mission is to preserve and strengthen the library as a community resource. For more information visit us on the Web at friends."

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