Book, bake sale a success for library

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by Terrill Covey

Hampton Union, July 13, 2004

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

HAMPTON - The annual book and bake sale at the Lane Memorial Library garnered a lot of support for the Friends of the Library - both monetary support and manpower. The event raised $2,500 for the newly re-formed Friends of the Library group. It also raised awareness about the group.

The president of the Friends group, Dot Gooby, said that it is hoping to recruit more residents to join the group, and she said it received good feedback from the people who stopped in.

"This is a great event," she said Friday afternoon. "This is the first time the Friends group has done this sale, and I’m really pleased with how it is going. Not only are we raising money to help with library renovations, but we are also getting new memberships in the Friends of the Library."

She said that any money raised would be turned around and put back into the library in some way.

"Maybe new furniture or book shelves," she said, "whatever they need."

Gooby said she hopes the friends would be able to hold a book and bake sale annually or semi-annually, because of the success last weekend.

The success went beyond just the books and baked goods, however, as the 50/50 raffle and book bags with the library logo on them were also sold.

She said there is also more to come.

Gooby said that one member of the Friends of the Library has volunteered to make baskets that have a book in them and some other "goodies" that follow the theme of the book.

Gooby said she was glad the Friends of the Library had the chance to get out among the community through the sale, as well.

"There has always been a community effort at this library," she said. "Especially since the flood last year in the children’s room. Everybody is absolutely wonderful here at the library. And we are looking for more members of the friends group so we can do more."

She said the community spirit is very evident in the fact that nearly every book at the sale was donated from community members. She also said that several of the baked goods were made by community members and friends group members."

Jan Tremblay and Judy Geller were working at the bake sale table Friday afternoon, and Tremblay said she heard about the bake and book sale through the newspaper and thought it sounded like a fun way to get involved with the library.

"It was a perfect opportunity for me," Tremblay said. "My family and I have used the library for 30-some-odd years, and this is the perfect way to give back."

She said that once her children were grown she, and they, realized how lucky they were to have grown up in Hampton.

"There is so much here at the library for them," she said. "This is a great library and getting involved like this is a lot of fun for me."

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