The Library Has Moved . . .

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By Brendan DuBois

Hampton Union, Thursday, September 14, 1983

Map to the library's temporary quarters

Hampton's Lane Memorial Library will be temporarily located in the former
Palmer-Sicard building on Stickney Terrace in Hampton. The library will operate
out of the building starting September 19 while a new addition is built on the
Lane Memorial Library building. The construction will take some 12 to 14 months.

HAMPTON — This is the difference a few days can make. Inside the Lane Memorial Library on Winnacunnet Road, there is hardly a book or a shelf to be found. There are piles of empty grocery bags, some cardboard boxes and other assorted litter.

A short distance away, inside the Palmer-Sicard building on Stickney Terrace, half of a large room is full of cardboard boxes, each stuffed with books. There’s a clanging noise as bookshelves are put together.

Librarian Bill Teschek looked at the confusion and shook his head.

“This is wonderful,” Teschek said “I figured we’d lend out a few thousand books before we moved, but people took about 13,000 volumes, which is roughly half the collection. It’s just great.”

The Lane Library is closed, but work at the library is continuing. Although residents helped out tremendously in borrowing about half the collection, the rest of the books had to be moved, along with furniture, maps, shelves and other odds and ends.

This week, Teschek and his staff —- aided by some volunteers —- have begun the tedious work of rebuilding the shelves and placing the books back in their proper places.

“We’re a little ahead of schedule so far,” Teschek said. “With a little luck, there should be no problem with us opening on Sept. 19.”

Joan Kahl shifting boxes

Piles of boxes containing volumes and volume of books are unpacked at the
temporary location of Hampton's Lane Memorial Library. Library assistant
Joan Kahl starts to make a dent in the work.

When the books were moved and the bookshelves dismantled a few days ago, Teschek said no hidden treasures, like long-lost books or money were found.

“We found candy wrappers, gum and popsicle sticks,” he said.

After the library re-opens on Sept. 19, Teschek would like to have residents bring back their books, but Teschek said some residents are jumping the gun.

“Even in the middle of this,” he said, "looking at the piles of shelves and books, “we’ve had people come in to bring books back or take some out.”

. . . And The Bid Is Awarded

HAMPTON —- Work should start shortly on the addition to the Lane Memorial Library following the Monday night signing of a contract for the construction by selectmen.

Catamount Construction Inc. of Pittsfield was awarded the bid on the recommendation of the Library Building Committee, and its total bid of $825,000 COC is a good deal, according to Louisa Woodman, the selectmen’s representative to the committee.

“We’re in very good shape,” Woodman said. “This bid is $125,000 under the estimated cost of the project. If you sign the contract tonight, the contractors will be here tomorrow to apply for a building permit.”

Board members unanimously agreed to sign the contract, which gives Catamount Construction 18 months to finish the addition.

“But we’re expecting it to be completed in about a year,” Woodman said.

Catamount Construction was one of 10 construction firms to submit bids to

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