2012 Annual Report for the Lane Memorial Library

Submitted by Amanda L. Reynolds Cooper, Library Director

By the numbers

The full collection of the library in 2012 totaled 71,542 titles. Over the course of the year 10,182 titles were added and 4,340 titles were removed. We had 11,916 registered patrons last year.

Circulated materials 189,276 (181,486 in 2011)
Visits 136,257 (132,541 in 2011)
Computer uses 32,212 (32,405 in 2011)
Reference questions 7,910 (8,088 in 2011)
Events 308 (301 in 2011)
Event attendees 7,204 (7,418 in 2011)


The community of users that makes up Lane Memorial Library are voracious readers and seekers of knowledge. They are responsible for the incredible amount of use the library sees every year. The librarians endeavor to meet these users with a current collection of materials and to offer new formats as well. We have provided e-books and audio books for download since 2007 and have seen that service grow as the e-reader and tablet computer markets have expanded in the last two years. Use of the downloadable service increased 72% over 2011, in contrast to the 3% increase in use of “traditional” physical formats. At the tail end of 2012, we also began offering streaming video of independent films through the service IndieFlix (https://rbdg.envionsoftware.com /lanelibrarynh/indieflix). In addition, we also circulate preloaded e-readers with popular titles, e-format-only titles, classics, and graphic novels. While e-format materials and web-only content are forecasted to be the exciting frontiers of media use, Hampton still demonstrates and capitalizes on the need for physical media at the library with tens of thousands of annual checkouts.

Media Use Over Time

In 2012 the library began producing WOWbrary newsletters with weekly updates on new material in the library. Patrons can sign up at http://www.wowbrary.org/signup.aspx. All of the public work stations were also replaced in 2012 making for a better user experience across the board.

This year we saw several staff changes, saying goodbye to Jenny Tobler in the Children’s Room and Janet Anderson from the adult services desk while welcoming Kathryn McLaughlin and Deborah Covert to that desk.


With the successful passage of warrant article #10 in 2012, the library was able to complete the HVAC upgrades begun in the previous year (we replaced of all four boilers in November 2011) and vastly improved the lighting on the main level. The new chiller for the air conditioning system was installed in May, and the lighting installation was completed in September. These changes have proven to be excellent upgrades to 27-year-old equipment. They are also more energy efficient, allowing the library to offset the costs for the new equipment with the savings in utilities costs.

Electricty use over time

Natural gas use over time

Another piece of 27-year-old equipment that was upgraded this year was the elevator. While it may look largely the same, most of the components that run it were modernized at the end of 2012.


We continued in 2012 to offer a wide array of programs for all ages. The library held four weekly story times in several sessions over the course of the year, three monthly book groups with a fourth attempted but unsuccessful in 2012, three Summer Reading Programs to serve all ages with a new outdoor party for the youngest readers in 2012, as well as showed movies for all ages. The Children’s Librarians visited schools or hosted class trips to Lane Memorial, coordinated a stuffed animal sleepover, Halloween costume swap, peep diorama contest, Polar Express party, and new in 2012 weekly children’s crafts. Year round we held video gaming events for teens and young children, adding a Wii U gaming system in 2012. The library hosted several authors, a theater group, a band, mounted several art shows, marched in the Christmas parade, ladled soup in a cook-off contest, participated in Founder’s Day with the Congregational Church, and made a presentation to the Chamber of Commerce. To round out our offerings we also began circulating a telescope in 2012 through the generosity of the New Hampshire Astronomical Society.


Volunteers & Friends

In 2012 volunteers donated 2,153 hours of their time, for which the library cannot thank them enough. In shelving and processing books, in indexing the Hampton Union for our database, and in various special projects, these volunteers have given $23,683 worth of labor. Of special note in 2012 were the computer training classes offered for free by an experienced computer educator on a volunteer basis.

The Friends of the Lane Memorial Library stand behind so many of the deeds we have accomplished this year and were a source for much needed program funding. They also plan, prepare, and staff the annual Valentine Tea which was a “sold-out” social event in 2012. Additionally, they hosted the Yankee humorist Rebecca Rule at their annual meeting which brought a sizable crowd of patrons in to experience this excellent performer.

It is a pleasure to helm this dynamic and exciting library. We aim to house the best collection of circulating materials for Hampton users and provide citizens with a community center full of vibrant, fun activities. We proudly protect and share the cultural heritage of Hampton that we hold, and safeguard the amazing building that houses it all.

Respectfully Submitted,
Amanda L. Reynolds Cooper,