1952 Annual Report for the Lane Memorial Library

Report of Librarian

Submitted by Margaret S. Noyes, Librarian

I hereby submit the following report of Hampton Public Library from January 1, 1952 to December 31, 1952:
Adult Fiction: 312
Adult Non-Fiction: 144
Juveniles: +   91
Number of volumes added by purchase: 547
Adult Fiction: 9,145
Adult Non-Fiction: 2,516
Juvenile Fiction: 2,873
Juvenile Non-Fiction: 574
Book Circulation: 15,108
Magazine Circulation: + 2,575
Book and Magazine Circulation: 17,683

The New Hampshire Library Association held its 63rd annual meeting on May 8 and 9 in Exeter. Two of our Trustees, Mrs. Charles D. Palmer and Mrs. Russell True attended with your Librarian the session on May 8. Highlights of the day were a talk on “Writing Experiences” by Eva Knox Evans, author of children’s books; a discussion of new books and the Horn Book Magazine by Miss Jennie Lindquist, editor of the Horn Book; a trip to some of the historic houses in Exeter and a dinner served in the vestry of the Congregational Church followed by an address on “Documentary Films” and films shown by Mr. Louis deRochemont.

Book Week was observed from November 16 to 22, the slogan for this year’s poster, designed by Roger Duvoisin, being “Reading Is Fun”. Many new juvenile books were on display during the week, and booklets entitled “Growing Up With Books” with the suggestion, “Here are the books each home should own for every child from two 'till grown” were distributed.

Added to the Reference Department is the World Book Encyclopedia with up-to-date information. Several gifts have been received, which are greatly appreciated. Again this year many collections have been taken to the schools by the grade teachers, thus affording opportunity for use of library books to those children who ride on buses.

The new magazine rack gives more space for the display of magazines which number thirty-six subscribed to by the Library, several gift subscriptions and many pamphlets sent out by societies and organizations.

Even though a few longstanding patrons have been lost to Television, the names of many newcomers are being added to list of Library Patrons.

Balance of Fine Money: $ 59.24
Fines: 118.33
Necessary Expenses: 127.02
Balance: 50.55