1951 Annual Report for the Lane Memorial Library

Report of Librarian

Submitted by Margaret S. Noyes, Librarian

I hereby submit the following report of Hampton Public Library from January 1, 1951 to December 31, 1951:
Adult Fiction: 282
Adult Non-Fiction: 94
Juveniles: +   54
Number of volumes added by purchase: 430
Adult Fiction: 10,387
Adult Non-Fiction: 2,384
Juvenile Fiction: 2,349
Juvenile Non-Fiction: 440
Book Circulation: 15,563
Magazine Circulation: + 2,520
Book and Magazine Circulation: 18,083

In the Spring the Library was asked to take charge of circulating books sent from the State Library to be used by teachers taking the course “Speech for Teachers.” This course was given at the Academy once a week for a period of fifteen weeks. At the close of the course the books were returned to the State Library.

Book Week was observed from November 11 to 17. On display was the Poster “New Horizons with Books,” designed by Marcia Brown. Books for young people were exhibited during the week, then put into circulation.

The outstanding work added to the Reference Department this year is the two-volume edition of Webster’s New World Dictionary of the American Language. Some gifts have been received and thanks are given to the donors.

From time to time teachers have taken collections of books in the schools, so that the circulation of children’s books is actually larger than appears on my records.

Balance of Fine Money: $ 56.10
Fines: 96.15
Necessary Expenses: 93.01
Balance: 59.24