1948 Annual Report for the Lane Memorial Library

Report of Librarian

Submitted by Margaret S. Noyes, Librarian

I hereby submit the following report of Hampton Public Library from January 1, 1948 to December 31, 1948:
Adult Fiction: 253
Adult Non-Fiction: 110
Juveniles: +  72
Number of volumes added by purchase: 435
Adult Fiction: 10,918
Adult Non-Fiction: 2,105
Juvenile Fiction: 2,298
Juvenile Non-Fiction: 474
Book Circulation: 15,795
Magazine Circulation: + 2,420
Book and Magazine Circulation: 18,215

The annual meeting of the New Hampshire Library Association, which I attended, was held in Concord on May 6 and 7. Among the many interesting speakers was the one who spoke at the banquet, Dr. John T. Holden, associate professor of government of the University of New Hampshire, whose topic was “The Basic Conflict Between the East and the West.” Miss Tasha Tudor, illustrator of children’s books, delighted her audience with her drawings. Miss Jennie Lindquist, formerly of New Hampshire, now associated with the Horn Book of Boston, Mass., gave reviews of several children’s books.

Book Week was observed November 14 to 20. On display was the Poster by Marguerite de Angeli, “Books Tell The Story.” Several new books were on exhibit.

On books bound in light colored bindings, we are using Plastic book covers which have proved very satisfactory in protecting the books from soil and wear.

Balance of Fine Money: $ 93.91
Fines Received: 70.55
Necessary Expenses: 66.86
Balance: 97.60
Respectfully submitted,



Cash on hand January 1, 1948: $ 485.24
Received from Town: 2,000.00
Interest on Trust Funds: 80.30
Currier fund:  
Lydia A. Lane fund:  
Ida M. Lane fund +                   
  $ 2,565.54


Margaret S. Noyes, Librarian $ 660.00
Walter S. Noyes, Janitor 71.50
Books 1,076.05
Periodicals 114.40
New Hampshire Library Ass'n 3.00
Insurance 283.50
Exeter & Hampton Electric Co. 54.84
F. Wilbur Jewell, fuel oil 192.27
F. Wilbur Jewell, work on heater 8.00
Hampton Water Works Company 12.00
William Gilpatrick, shrubbery care 5.00
Walter S. Noyes, labor on lawn 49.50
  -$ 2,530.06
Balance on hand, January 1, 1949: $ 35.48