1897 Annual Report for the Lane Memorial Library


For the year ending March 1, 1898

The Library Committee respectfully submits the following report:

From town,   $100.00
Received balance from last year,     38.02
Joel Jenkins,   5.00
sale of cards,   .50
Fines,   +1.50
Paid for new books,   $60.75  
freight, stationery, postage,       2.45  
assistance in delivering books,       8.00  
fuel, oil, mucilage, etc.,       3.50  
covering paper and express,       2.10  
covering 300 books,       3.00  
salary of Librarian,     25.00
library cards,       1.50  
gummed labels,       2.25  
labor in preparing new catalogue,     +5.00  
Balance on hand,   $31.47
Number of books added by purchase, 59. Presented by Mrs. Pollard, 7 vols.; by Mrs. Jeremiah Brown, 5 vols.; by Miss Frances Towle, 2 vols.; Edgar J. Batchelder, of Newburyport, Mass., 1 vol.; by Mrs. John W. Winder, Newburyport, Mass., 2 vols.; by Augusta Larned, 1 vol.; by State of New Hampshire, 6 vols.; making a total of 83 vols. added during the year. Total number of books on catalogue 2,315.
Number of volumes issued during the year, 2,024. Largest number on any one evening, 65. Least number on any one evening, 8. Average per evening, 37.
Your committee desire to express their thanks to those friends who have kindly remembered our library by gifts of money and books.
Library Committee.