1882 Annual Report for the Lane Memorial Library


For the year ending March 1, 1883

The Library Committee respectfully submits the following report:

Received from the Town,   $100.00
Paid out for 55 new books,   $50.00  
Paid out for printing 500 Library cards,     5.75  
Paid out for Librarian's salary   25.00  
Paid out for Express and postage,     +.75  
Balance unexpended,   $18.50
Received balance from last year,   5.59
Received from loan of books,   2.12
Received from fines,   +1.00
Paid for covering 300 books,     $3.00  
Oil, burners, wicks, etc.,       1.50  
Covering paper and express,     +1.10  
Balance on hand,   $21.61
The committee have reserved the above balance to purchase new catalogues which are very much needed. Total number volumes in the Library 1,024. Volumes taken out for the year ending March 1, 1883, 2370. The Library Benefit Committee have at present 51 volumes and report they have funds still unexpended.
for the Committee.