Hampton Beach Master Plan: Estimates of Proposed Costs

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C. Estimates of Proposed Costs

The following estimate of costs refers to public costs associated with many of the recommendations contained in this Plan. The figures represent total project costs in 2001 dollars. Most costs were estimated based on given unit cost assumptions, to a concept level of detail. The costs may vary considerably depending on final design directions and technical issues encountered during design and construction. A detailed cost estimate is in Appendix IV.


Table 26. Proposed Cost Estimates for Major Improvement Projects at Hampton Beach



Phase I (0-2 years)


Streetscape/Sidewalk Improvements


State Marina


Total Phase I Costs



Phase II (3-9 years)


New Hampton River Bridge


State Park Area


Ocean Boulevard Pavilions and Pedestrian Improvements


New Performance Center


Streetscape/Sidewalk Improvements


Church/Highland Intersections


Ashworth Avenue Reconstruction


Open Space Improvements


Sewer Improvements


Flood Mitigation Projects


Total Phase II Costs



Phase III (10-50 years)


Ocean Boulevard Reconstruction


Parking Structure


Total Phase III Costs



Total Projects Costs


The Plan envisions an implementation period of 50 years. However, most of the projects within this plan are scheduled for the first ten years since they are needed to substantially improve the outdated transportation and facilities infrastructure such as intersections and parking as well as improve the image of Hampton Beach with projects such as sidewalk improvements.


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