Hampton Beach Master Plan: Introduction: Overview

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II. Introduction

A. Overview

The Town of Hampton and the NH Department of Resources and Economic Development have prepared this Master Plan to establish a comprehensive vision to address many land use, transportation, public access, recreation, open space, and other quality of life issues that currently reduce the success and enjoyment of Hampton Beach. The Hampton Beach Master Plan Advisory Committee has guided the planning process, representing diverse interests and jurisdictions within the area. The Cecil Group, Inc., has provided professional assistance in creating a detailed plan to address these issues and make recommendations to help fulfill a vision of a substantially improved beach area. The recommendations include actions that should be undertaken in phases, and continuing towards fulfillment of the overall vision over the next fifty years.

Substantial public and private investments will be needed to achieve the level of revitalization and the quality of life that the community and state have sought for this area. Over the long run, much of this reinvestment will occur within the private sector, responding to new opportunities to achieve higher value at Hampton Beach. The central area of the Beach requires significant improvements to ensure a vital and successful future as a mixed-use hospitality, entertainment and residential district. Neighborhoods, homes, and the services needed by the residents should be upgraded. A complete reorganization of traffic and parking will need to occur, to reduce congestion and create a more pleasant and valuable environment. Infrastructure improvements such as water and sewer lines will be required. Public and private investments are required to expand the diversity of and enhance the quality of recreational opportunities at Hampton Beach, so that a more diverse population is attracted. Investments in the marina and the adjacent lands are needed to make the area more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing.

This Plan reviews key conditions and trends that will influence the future. It provides an assessment of the needs for Hampton Beach in the future. It then lists recommendations for land use, infrastructure, transportation, economics, tourism and the environment that are linked to achieving the vision for the future. It also provides implementation strategies that will allow for the phased accomplishment of these recommendations.

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