Hampton Beach Master Plan: Overall Vision

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C. Overall Vision

A new vision has been established for Hampton Beach during the year-long planning process. Establishing this vision was an initial step to improve the quality of life for those who live, visit, and work around Hampton Beach. This vision statement was developed with input from the public, Hampton Beach Master Plan Advisory Committee, interviews with interested citizens, and from the research of the existing conditions, issues, and needs. It represents the quality and image of this area that residents, property owners, the State, and the Town envision over the next 10 to 50 years. It leads to the strategies and methods designed to meet the purposes of the Master Plan.

Hampton Beach should be experienced as a coastal community that provides a consistently attractive and enjoyable setting for visitors and residents. It should appeal to everyone as a clean and comfortable place that offers a high quality environment for a variety of activities and uses. It should be environmentally healthy, because of the value of its natural resources. It should be economically successful, becoming a place for high value investments.

The developed land within Hampton Beach should be composed of a series of distinct sub areas, each with its own identity and mix of uses. This composition should reflect distinct park improvements and provide varied park visitor opportunities for separate segments of the beach. Building heights and densities should remain moderate and consistent with the image of a clustered coastal village. Buildings should be attractive, well maintained, with a unique character linked to the historic traditions and special beach conditions found here. Landscaping should become a feature of the Beach, through a wide variety of street trees, seasonal plantings and small green spaces within the built-up areas.

Traffic and parking should no longer dominate the streetscape; rather, a pleasant pedestrian realm with bicycle connections should be created to recast the image of the central portions of Hampton Beach. Travel to and from the Beach should be convenient, and circulation should be largely free from traffic congestion.

Through positive actions and coordinated management, Hampton Beach in the future should include:

  • improved beach and recreational areas, with activities and attractions that take advantage of its waterfront assets and are compatible with surrounding uses;
  • a pedestrian-oriented central Beach district with a pleasant and inviting character and compatible developments that provide a high quality setting for a mixture of hospitality, entertainment, commercial and housing uses;
  • an attractive harbor and waterfront that increase public access and promote opportunities for those who seek work and recreation on the area waters;
  • improved residential districts within the Beach that are pleasant and supportive of year-round residents as well as seasonal homes;
  • a protected environment and enhanced open spaces that can be enjoyed for both their resource and scenic values;
  • improved infrastructure that allows all users to travel and park without delays, and provides adequate public services that meet the needs of all users.
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