References to Hampton in Historical Newspapers, 1790s

Essex Journal (Newburyport, MA)
January 27, 1790

NEWBURY-PORT, Jan. 27. On the night of Tuesday the 19th inst. the Schooner ------, Richard Hinckley, master, from the West-Indies, bound to Marblehead, was cast ashore upon Hampton beach ---- the Captain died three days before she got on shore. ---- We hear the vessel and cargo will be lost.

Osborne's New-Hampshire Spy (Portsmouth)
July 6, 1791

Newburyport, June 29. During part of the last and present week, between one and two hundred men have been employed in digging a canal between this town and Hampton, in the State of New Hampshire. The distance they had to dig is about a mile and a quarter, which unites two small rivers, so as to form an inland navigation between the two towns, much for the convenience of both, as well as of many of the neighbouring towns ; -- The business is nearly completed.

Columbian Centinel (Boston)
September 12, 1792

DIED] -- At Hampton, N. H. Sept. 6 after a short illness, the Rev. Ebenezer Thayer, ÆT. 58 ; in whom the community has lost a most valuable member, and the religious society in Hampton a most amiable and useful minister. Mr. Thayer was admirably formed for the office, which he sustained. He was possessed of an uncommom share of prudence, and an excellent temper. He was meek, humble, courteous, obliging, compassionate toward the miserable, and benevolent to all. He was a man of strict integrity, and unfeigned devotion. These virtues, whilst they enriched his private character gave him superiour advantages as a minister of religion. For they enforced, at the same time that they illustrated the moral lessons, which he addressed to his charge. For he considered rational preaching as the best of preaching ; and rational christians as the only persons who understood the gospel, and were an honour to the cause. Accordingly, he studied to be plain and practical, in order that those, to whom he ministered, might be led from the path of speculation to that of evangelical duty. During 26 years, he served the religious society in Hampton, to their great satisfaction. Nor were his labours less acceptable to the neighbouring churches. In Boston, (his native place) he was always received and heard with pleasure. Many friends have mingled their tears with those of the widow, the children, the sisters, the neighbouring ministers, and the people of his charge. And long will they cherish the remembrance of virtues, which formed the husband, the parent, the brother, the minister, and the christian.

American Apollo (Boston)
August 30, 1793

The following Epitaph is inscribed on the Monument of the Rev. Mr. Thayer, late of Hampton.

Essex Journal (Newburyport, MA)
October 16, 1793

On Wednesday last, the Rev. Nathaniel Thayer, of Hampton, was ordained colleague-pastor, with the aged and Rev. Timothy Harrington, of Lancaster.

The New Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
November 18, 1794

Portsmouth. DIED -- At Hampton, Col. John Dearborn, aged 54, he went to bed in good health as usual, and between the hours of ten and eleven, expired in his sleep.

The Oracle of the Day (Portsmouth)
March 14, 1795

Portsmouth, March 14. It is with pleasure we hear, that the Hon. JOHN LANGDON, Esquire, Federal Senator -- and Hon. JOHN SAMUEL SHERBURNE, Esquire, Federal Representative -- are on their way to this town from the Seat of Government ; -- they arrived at Hampton last evening in good health, and are expected in town this morning.

The Oracle of the Day (Portsmouth)
October 21, 1795

DIED] -- On board the Nancy of this port, Mr. Nathaniel Griffith, of this town, and Mr. Levi Rogers, of Hampton.

Columbian Centinel (Boston)
October 31, 1795

MARRIED] At Hampton, the Rev. Nathaniel Thayer, of Lancaster, to Miss Sarah Toppan, daughter of Christ. Toppan, Esq. of the former place.

The New Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
January 30, 1796

ORDAINED -- On Wednesday last, Rev. William Pidgin, over the Presbyterian Church & Society in Hampton. The Introductory Prayer was made by the Rev. Jonathan Brown, of Londonderry : The Sermon and Ordaining Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Morrison, of Londonderry: The Charge was given by the Rev. Mr. Annan of Peterborough : Mr. Tombe, of Newmarket gave the Right hand of Fellowship : An Address to the people was then made by the Rev. Mr. Annan, and the concluding Prayer by the Rev. Daniel Dana.

The greatest decency and good order was observable during the whole of the solemnities.

The Oracle of the Day (Portsmouth)
June 16, 1796

Mr. Thomas Veasey, a reputable farmer in Stratham, has drawn the highest prize (3000 dollars) in Dartmouth College lottery. Col. Tappan, of Hampton, has drawn a thousand, and the other thousand dollar prize is drawn by a person in the upper part of this state.

Impartial Herald (Newburyport, MA)
March 3, 1797

Newburyport, Friday March 3, 1797. On Wednesday, the 22 of Feb. last, was ordained over the Regular Church and Congregational society in Hampton, Rev. Jesse Appleton.

The solemnities were introduced by a comprehensive, animated and well adapted prayer ; peculiarly happy for the day ; by Rev. John Andrews, of Newburyport. A discourse was then delivered from Acts, 2.

Impartial Herald (Newburyport, MA)
June 3, 1797

DIED. At Hampton, the 30th ult. Master Wm. Greenleaf, aged 5 years, youngest son of Widow Maria Greenleaf -- a promising youth to the great grief and loss of his parent and connections.


The Oracle of the Day (Portsmouth)
May 12, 1798

DIED -- On board the Nancies of this port, Mr. William Irvin, of Hampton.

Newburyport Herald
October 19, 1798

DIED -- At Hampton, Mrs. Mary Tappan, Consort of Mr. Caleb Tappan in the 59th year of her age after a long and tedious Confinement, which She bore with Christian Fortitude and Resignation -- and in her last moment exhibited to her mourning friends a reliance in the mercy of her Redeemer, and a solid hope of future blessedness.

Newburyport Herald
November 27, 1798

Portsmouth, Nov. 24. VIOLENT SNOW STORM. On Saturday evening last, commenced a violent Snow Storm ; Sunday it abated, Sunday night it increased to greater violence and the wind blew excessively hard from the N. E. -- The tempest continued all day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and on the evening of Wednesday the weather cleared up. The quantity of snow which fell seems almost incredible, and the oldest people assert that they never knew such a storm so early in the season.

The country posts from various parts inform, that they were obliged to ride thro' fields for miles together, and that in some places where paths had been shoveled, the snow on both sides of the road was as high as their heads when on their horses -- They also observed in several instances the snow was so banked against different houses that it was with great difficulty the inhabitants could get out, until they dug arches under the banks and left the snow pendant above their heads. A few instances of a similar nature accurred in this town and the vicinity.

We fear that many fatal consequences have resulted to our seafaring brethren, but none as yet have came to our personal knowledge, except the brig Hope, Capt. James Hooper, from Demarara, which was coming on the coast, and could not make the harbour ; The Captain and crew finding that their lives were in the utmost danger, (and having previously carried away their mainmast,) were obliged to drop both anchors and make the best of their way to land in an open boat. They were then about six miles from the light house in this harbour, and happily reached the light-house without any lives being lost, where they tarried to watch the vessel, which parted her cables, and drove on Hampton Beach.

Since the storm abated, the Captain & Owners have gone to Hampton, and found the vessel in an upright position, high on the beach, having received but little or no injury in her hull -- and the cargo, (which consisted of Rum, Coffee and Sugars) we are happy to hear, is but triflingly damaged.

Newburyport Herald
April 19, 1799

DIED -- On the 19th March of a fever, Mr. Ebenezer Towl, [Towle] of Hampton.

Newburyport Herald
July 30, 1799

MARRIED. At Portsmouth, Mr. Edmund Toppan, Attorney at Law, of Hampton, to Miss Mary Chase, of the former place.