References to Hampton in Historical Newspapers, 1740-1759

The Boston Weekly News-Letter
From Thursday February 14, to Thursday February 21, 1740

Hampton, January 30. Yesterday the Rev. Mr. Peter Coffin, was married to Mrs. Dorothy Gookin, eldest Daughter of the late Rev. Mr. Nathanael Gookin.

The Boston Gazette
From Monday June 23, to Monday June 30, 1740

Hampton, June 27, 1740. Last Saturday about 4 o'Clock in the Afternoon, we had as terrible a Storm of Thunder and Lightning as we ever knew for the Time it lasted, which was about an Hour. It struck the House of Mr. Joshua Lane here, and tore off several of the Clapboards, loosened one of the Weather Boards, and several other Boards, melted some of the Window Leads, tore off the Top of the Window Frame, and threw it at some Distance from the House, shook down the Chamber Wall and Laths, and scatter'd them all over the Chamber, sindged a Coat, moved a large and heavy Chest, splinter'd some of the Studs, shiver'd the great Beam, &c. But yet that GOD who is said to direct the Thunder and the Lightning under the whole Heaven, so mercifully order'd it, that altho' the Man and his Wife with seven of their Children were altogether in that Room, the End of which was actually struck, and some of them very near the Place, yet they received no Damage, excepting two of the Children were a little Thunder struck, but presently came too. A Deliverance truly great and marvellous, and appears remarkably so to the great Numbers that have since viewed the House: Job 37.3.5 & 14 Ver. There were three Cattle and a few Trees destroy'd in the other Part of the Town.

Boston Post-Boy
January 19, 1741

The Rev. Mr. Tennent arrived here on Saturday Night last, and set out Yesterday for Greenland and Hampton, where he preach'd. During his Stay here he preach'd seven Times (and twice at east York) to a very numerous Audience, and to a general Satisfaction.

Boston Evening Post
March 23, 1741

Hampton, March 20. Last Wednesday Capt. Fullerton arrived at Newcastle from Holland, in a Brigg belonging to Boston, after a very long Passage, and being in great want of Provisions, one of the Men over-eat himself, and died the same Night, and another is so bad 'tis thought he cannot live. They had the Misfortune to bear off the Vessel's Rudder in coming into the Harbour. On Monday next, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, John Mason is to fly from the Top of Queen's Chapel in Portsmouth into a neighbouring Orchard; he is to fly down twice and up once, which he purposes to continue once a Week till the Frost is gone, for the Diversion of the Ladies.

Boston Evening Post
September 6, 1742

One Day last Week as Mr. ------- Taylor of Hampton was steering a Load of Thatch up a Creek, he fell into the Water and was drowned.

The Boston Gazette
September 7, 1742

Hampton, New-Hampshire, Sept. 3. Last Night a very melancholy Providence happened here, viz, Anthony Taylor, a young marry'd Man was drowned in a large Creek by falling from a Raft of Hay, tho' several Persons were near him, yet they could not help him, he being seen to rise but once ; his Body was found this Morning : He has left a sorrowful young Widow with Child. It is not above three Months since his own Cousin Joseph Taylor at Chester, was drowned by jumping out of a Canoe that was filling with Water, who also left a sorrowful young Widow with two small Children.

The Boston Weekly News-Letter
November 3, 1743

We learn from Piscataqua that the late Eastern Storm on the 22d Instant, was as violent, and the Tides as high as in these Parts: The Damage done is chiefly to the Wharves, which is not very great. Capt. Brooks from Jamaica in going in, in the Morning the Storm was, was [sic] cast away in the Chaps of the Harbour, being drove from his Anchors : The Vessel is bulged, but the Men all saved, and most of the Cargo. -----From Hampton 'tis said great Quantities of Hay are lost off the Salt-Marshes, Bridges and Causeways were blown up by the Tide.

Boston Evening Post
January 5, 1747

Hampton, in New Hampshire, Jan. 2. A few Sabbaths ago, there was baptized in this Place, a Child who has twelve Grand Parents now living among us.

There was also a young Woman married this Week, who had eight own Brothers and five own Sisters who followed one another to wish her much Joy, their Parents also being present on the joyful Occasion, having never before beheld all their Children together at one Time.

Boston Evening Post
May 30, 1748

Hampton, May 23. This Day was interred from the Rev. Mr. Cotton's, that vertuous and valuable Gentlewoman, Mrs. Dorothy Gookin, the Widow of the late Rev. Mr. Gookin of this Place. She has been honourably maintained almost fourteen Years by this People : and Yesterday there was a Contribution amoung us, to help defray the Charges of her Sickness, &c. She was also buried at the Charge of the People in this Place. She was Daughter of the late Rev. Mr. John Cotton, and Grand Daughter of the Rev. Mr. Seaborn Cotton, who both serv'd Christ in the Work of the Ministry in this Place.

The Boston Gazette
September 11, 1750

Hampton, September 7. This Day was interred here the Remains of the Widow, Mary Robey, aged 85 Years. She has left descended from her Body 173 Children, Grand-Children, and Great Grand-Children, which with their respective Husbands and Wives make near an 100 more. About an Hundred of her Posterity followed her to the Grave.
[Editor's note: This was Mary (Page) Robie, wife of Samuel.

Boston Post Boy
February 10, 1752

Province of New-Hampshire. Notice is hereby given, that a Lottery is set up in Hampton, in New-Hampshire, by Jonathan Moulton of Hampton aforesaid, Shopkeeper, consisting chiefly in English Goods, to the Value of l. 1634 Old Tenor, the highest Prize being l.100 the lowest l. 2 15 0 Old Tenor.
    The Number of Tickets 817, at 40 s.old Tenor each, l.1634 0 0

       Of which 329 are Benefit Tickets,      And
  488 are Blanks, which is not 2 Blanks to a Prize

The Drawing to begin on the 25th Day of February Instant, at the Dwelling-House of the said Jonathan ; and as soon as finished the Prizes will be published, and the Goods delivered to the Possessors of the Benefit Tickets. -- Tickets may be had of the said Jonathan, or at Mr. Clerk's the Tavern in Greenland in said Provice, or at Mr. Light's the Tavern in Exeter in said Province.

N. B. The said Lottery consisting chiefly in English Goods, the whole Scheme thereof, is too long to have a Place in this Paper.

Hampton, Feb. 6. 1752.                 Jonathan Moulton

New York Evening Post
July 23, 1752

Portsmouth, New-Hampshire, July 23d. 1752. We had last Night as severe a Thunder-Storm as was ever known in America : --- There was distant Thunder, from the Sea, heard all Day ; and a black Cloud observ'd to rise from the Eastern-Board very gradually, which came over us about 6 o'Clock P. M. and cover'd the whole Hemisphere, and so continued (there being scarce any Wind) till about Midnight, with incessant, and extremely severe Thunder and Lightning and great Rain : --- The whole Atmosphere seem'd to be in a Blaze with the un-intermitting Corruscations, and as terrible Thunder Claps as were ever heard ; so that the whole Town seem'd to be coming down about our Ears ; and we expected every Moment to see some Part or other of it in Flames, (as we then saw a great Fire upon Kittery-Side, which we hear was a Barn burnt :) --- But thro' the great Goodness of God, we've sustain'd but little Damage. --- The main-Masts of a Schooner at the North-End was struck by the Lightning ; and altho' the Mast is shiver'd to pieces by it, (and the other Mast rein'd by the Shock,) till it came to an Iron Ring that encompass'd it (which it melted a little,) yet below that Ring there is no Effects to be seen of it. --- A plain Proof of the Electric Nature of Lightning.

We hear, two Oxen were kill'd at Wells, three Cows at York, an House struck, Chimney stove to pieces, but no Person hurt, and a Barn burnt with considerable Hay in it ; a Barn at Hampton likewise, into which they had just drove a Load of Hay, and the Oxen, Cart and all were consum'd together. We expect to hear of much more Damage.

The Boston Weekly News-Letter
December 19, 1754

We hear from Hampton, in the Province of New-Hampshire, That on Thursday last, a little before Night, one Peter Clough, of that Place, who had been for some time out on the Fishing Business, having miss'd a Pig, charge'd one Eliphaz Dow, of the same Town, with taking it away in a clandestine Manner ; and after some Words had pass'd, and Clough was going Home, Dow call'd to him, & told him he would pay him for the Pig if he would come back ; upon which he return'd, and as he drew near, the said Dow took up a Hoe that was by him, and struck the said Clough on the back of his Head, so that he fell down and died immediately ; upon which Dow directly made his escape. [Editor's note: Dow became the first male ever executed in the state of New Hampshire. This event actually took place in Hampton Falls.]

The Boston Gazette, or Weekly Journal
June 30, 1755

Hampton, June 20, 1755. Yesterday two Thirds of Colonel Wear's [Weare's] Regiment was under Arms, and the new Troop under Captain Jonathan Moulten's [Moulton] Command, which made as bright (if not the brightest) Appearance that any Troop ever did in this Province : The whole Exercise was conducted with the utmost Decorum and good Order. The Gentlemen, Officers and Troopers, with a vast Number of others, to the amount of nigh 250, dined at Captain Moulten's, upon an elegant Dinner. A vast Number of Spectators were present, and no adverse Providence happen'd to any.

The Boston Weekly News-Letter
June 24, 1756

Postscript to a Letter from Hampton, in New-Hampshire, dated last Friday.

"We have had something remarkable and uncommon among us this Week;---- Last Tuesday just at Sunset two or three young Men were coming up from Shaws-Island across the Marsh, and heard a russling in a little Salt-Pond, and upon looking in, spy'd a vast Number of fine large Mackrel swimming about; -- they immediately waded in, and they were so thick that they threw Numbers out with their Hands: -- One of the Men ran to the nearest House got a Pigeon-Net and drew out 400 presently. The next Day in that and another Salt-Pond, they catched upwards of 1000, as fine large Mackrel as ever I saw: -- It is suppos'd they might be drove in by some large fish -- when the Tides were high last Week, and were now catch'd in these little Ponds, from which they could not escape after the Tides left them: -- It causes much Speculation, for there never was a Mackrel known thereabouts -- nor are they yet taken in our Sea, being not yet come in in any Plenty."

The New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
October 28, 1756

Saturday and Monday two Ships were launch'd at Hampton, where was an elegant Entertainment prepar'd at Capt. Moulton's : the same Day one at Durham, and the next Day another at Exeter.

The New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
November 4, 1756

PORTSMOUTH. We hear there is a large Whale between forty and fifty Feet in Length, come ashore at Hampton, with three Irons in it.

The Boston Gazette, or Weekly Journal (Portsmouth)
December 20, 1756

Portsmouth, New-Hampshire, Dec.17. Last Monday Night a new Ship belonging to this Place, was cast away upon Ragged Neck in coming round from Hampton, where she was built ; she is so bilg'd and broken that there are no Hopes of getting her off again.

The New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
November 4, 1757

This Day 7-night a sail Boat went from this Town in order to go to Hampton, but was unfortunately overset the same Day a breast this Harbour, and three People in her lost, namely, John Henderson, Francis Preast, and Edward How, all of this Place, (the two former having left Wives and several Children, the other a young Man of about 19 Years of Age) since which Francis Preast has been taken up, and find that a large Pair of Buckles has been stolen out of his Shoes by two Men then seen on Fryars Island : Whoever will give Information of the said Men or either of them, so that they may be brought to Justice, shall have Ten Pounds Old Tenor Reward.

Robert Traill

The above Boat was loaded with new Rigging, some fixed, some in Coils : and Blocks chiefly strap'd. Whoever shall take up any of the said Articles, or the Boat, and return them to the Subscriber, shall be well rewarded for their Services, and all their Charges paid by

Robert Traill

The New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
December 2, 1757

Hampton, Nov. 30th. 1757.

Just Imported,

And to be SOLD by

Jonathan Moulton, jun

At his own Store, by Wholesale or Retail,

A Fine Assortment of Braziery and Cutlary WARE, almost every Thing suitable for House Keeping, And a large Assortment of Winter and Summer GOODS, suitable for Men's and Women's Wear. Also West India GOODS, Salt, &c.

Jonathan Moulton, junr.

N. B. I will engage to sell any of the above Goods as cheap for ready Cash, or any other Good Pay, or three Months Credit, as the like are sold any where in this Province. If any Person inclines to take a large Quantity, I will give six Months Credit, and take Merchantable Boards at Exeter, New Market, Aimsbury, or Newbury Landings.
Said Goods will be ready for Sale in three or four Days.

The New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
January 13, 1758

Hampton, January 3. 1758.

Whereas Jonathan Moulton, junr. hath lately advertised, that he had a fine Assortment of GOODS to be sold by him at his own Stores, by Wholesale or Retail, -- This is to give further NOTICE, he has a new Recruit of GOODS, lately Imported from Bristol and London, viz. A large Assortment of the best London Pewter, to the amount of £200 sterl. 3d, 4d, 6d, 8d, 10d, and 20d Nails, Deck Nails, Window Glass, Grind stones, Cutlary Ware of most sorts, Brass Kettles, Warming Pans, Frying Pans ; a large Quantity of Broad Cloths and other thick Cloths, Trimmings of all sorts, Powder and Shot, and a Variety of other sorts of Goods. Said Moulton will engage to sell any of the above Goods by Wholesale or Retail, as cheap for Cash, as any Merchant will in this Province.

Also to be LETT, by Said Moulton, several FARMS in Hampton. The 1st with a double House and good Barn, and about 55 Acreas of Upland and Marsh. The 2d with a double House and little Land, in a good Place for a Tradesman, or a Trader. The 3d with a double House and a small Orchard. The 4th with a double House, Barn and Orchard, with about 35 Acres of Land. The 5th with a good large double House, Barn and Orchard, with about 50 Acres of good Land. The 6th with a House, Barn and Orchard, with about 90 Acres of Land, and a good Grist-Mill, and the 6th Part of a Saw Mill. The 7th is with a double House, and Barn, and a large Orchard, with about 80 Acres of good Land, and a Grist Mill and Saw Mill thereon standing -- Either of the above Farms may be lett reasonable.

The Boston Weekly News-Letter
From Thursday January 26, to Thursday February 2, 1758

BOSTON, February 9. In the Snowy-Weather on Friday last, a Sloop laden with Wood, from the Eastward, ------ Haskel, Master, of Manchester, was cast ashore on Hampton-Beach : The People's Lives were sav'd, tho' they were very much froze, by keeping on a Rock the whole of the Night. -- The Vessel bilg'd, and was lost.

The New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
May 19, 1758

PORTSMOUTH. By Capt. Hanson Meserve, who arrived here last Night, in 14 Days from St. Kitts, we are inform'd, that the Captains Warner, Hooker, Mills and Bradford, are arrived at Antigua ; Boothby, Tallent, Stoodley, and Blunt, at St. Kitts, all from this Port : That several Philadelphia Vessels are arrived there : That he saw the London Fleet, consisting of 50 Sail pass by there for Jamaica : That the Captains Odiorne, Robinson, Sherburne, Pickering, of this Place, and a Schooner belonging to Capt. Moulton of Hampton, were taken by the French, the three former carried to Martinico, the other two were taken by Capt. Peter Read of St. Kitts...

The New-Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth)
December 29, 1759

Jonathan Moulton

HEREBY informs his Customers and others, That his NEW SHOP at Hampton will be open'd by the First Day of January next -- where they may be supply'd with almost every Kind of GOODS (that is wanted) at a cheaper Rate and on longer Credit than he usually sold.

Portsmouth, Dec. 13, 1750