Hampton According to Farmer's Almanac

From the 75th Anniversary edition

Hampton Union

July 23, 1975

Hampton According to Farmer's Almanac

A Tuck Memorial Museum Release

HAMPTON — The Tuck Memorial Museum recently received a copy of "The New Hampshire Register and Farmer’s Almanac for 1873" from Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. James of Hampton.

248 pages long, the little book has a wealth of information which was pertinent in the year 1873. On page 143 and 144, lists the Town of Hampton with the following information furnished to the reader:

"HAMPTON, Rockingham (county) population 1177, railroad Service, Hampton, on Eastern Rail Road. OFFICERS, Clerk, D.O. Leavitt; Selectmen J.W. Dow, Daniel W~erand C.G. Toppan; Supt., Joseph Dow. Postmaster, J.C. Perkins.

Churches: Congregational, Free Baptist and Methodist.

Hotels: Union, Boar’s Head, Ocean House, T.J.L. Leavitt, Couch House, Eagle, Granite House and Dow House.

Literary Institution — Hampton Academy. Livery Stables — Smith & Whittier.

Manufacturers — boots and shoes, C.H. Butman & Co.; lumber, A.S. Co~fm; shingles, S.C. Lamprey’& Co., S.J: Drak & Son.

Mechanics — blacksmiths, E.P. Young, Oliver Godfrey, F.L. Jenness, H.L. Clements, Thomas Lane Jr., Joseph Sanborn; carpenters, J.A. Dearborn, J.M. Lamprey, S.W. Dearborn, J.W. Mason, A.W. Stevens, J.W. Towle, J.C. Marston, T.J. Towle, M. Hobbs, J.F. Marston; cooper, Dearborn Blake; painters, Dearborn Blake & Sons, Rufus Johnson.

Merchants — G.W. Lane & Co., A.D Brown, J.J. Leavitt;

Auctioneers — Un Lamprey, C.M Lamprey.

Drugs and Medicines — D.C Leavitt.

Fancy goods and notions — J.C Perkins.

Physician — W.T. Merrill.

And so it was in the year 1873 Hampton, New Hampshire, with population of 1,177 men, women and children, 102 years ago [1975].

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