From the 75th Anniversary edition

Hampton Union

July 23, 1975


With this 75th Anniversary edition, we have tried to recount the history of Hampton Union , and to recap some of the highlights of the area's history. In addition, we have attempted to compile a record, in photographs, of the way the towns we serve look in 1975.

In addition, we have recorded some of the restoration projects recently completed or underway.

The staff of Hampton Union had an enjoyable time completing this anniversary offering, and we hope that our readers will enjoy the results.

We also hope that some people will store this record of our towns away for the future. Creating something that our readers will want to hold on to was one of our goals in attempting this edition.

The Staff

Hampton Union

July 23, 1975

President: Philip S. Weld
Publisher: Alexander N. Stoddart
Director of Sales: Frank O. King
Editor, Business Manager: Robert M. Herbert
Advertising Manager: Arthur H. Harris
Art Director: Robert A. Comora
News Editor: K. Melody Dahl
Sports Editor: Paul Cuetera
Women's Editor: Dottie Dumas
Reporters: Bruce Stott & Ann Moore
Intern: Cathy Wilson
Advertising: Helen McKenzie, Jack Daly & Tom Child
Classified: Barbara Simeone
Circulation Manager: Stephen Granger
Circulation: Barry McCoomb
Receptionist: Jerrilyn Page

Robert M. Herbert,
Editor & Business

Arthur H. Harris,
Advertising Manager

K. Melody Dahl,
News Editor

Bruce Stott,

Robert A. Comora,
Art Director

Helen McKenzie,

Ann Moore,

Cathy Wilson,

Tom Child,
Jack Daly
Jack Daly,

Jerrilyn Page,

Barbara Simeone,

Stephen Granger,
Circulation Manager

Barry McCoomb,

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