75 Years Of Service To The Hamptons

An Anniversary Edition

Hampton Union

July 23, 1975


Introduction & Staff
75th Anniversary edition of The Hampton Union.
Contributors to the Anniversary edition.
Hampton Union Made Debut June 14, 1899 With Volume One.
Compiled By John Holman, Doris Bragg and Melody Dahl.
Mrs. Billings Remembers .....
By Ann Moore
Irene Burnham Recalls When Circulation Was 150
By Cathy Wilson
Doris Bragg Tells About The Night They Dropped A Galley
By Doris Bragg
Editor Peter Randall Got Printer's Ink In His Veins.
By Peter E. Randall
Editor Mazurka Remembers Covering The Early 70's.
By Stephen H. Mazurka
The Evolution Of Winnacunnet.
From Hampton's 225th Anniversary Booklet. (1963)
It All Started At Hampton Landing In 1638.
From Old Home Day, 1962.
The Economics Of The Early Salt Marsh.
By Ruth S. Stimsom
The Response To The Revolution.
Courtesy of Hampton Historians, Inc.
Hampton's Seal Dates From 1938.
Courtesy Tuck Memorial Museum
The Witch of Hampton.
By James W. Tucker
A Sign Survives From Hampton Town Hall.
By John M. Holman, Tuck Museum Curator
Newspaper Vignettes & News.
From The Hamptons Union
First Railway Spike Was Driven In 1897.
By John M. Holman, Tuck Museum Curator
First Baptist Church of Hampton.
Rev. David Richardson Garland, Pastor
Advent Christian Church of Hampton.
Rev. Gerald A. Bailey, Pastor
United Methodist Church of the Hamptons.
Rev. Herbert N. Lovemore, Pastor
History of the Parish Of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.
Hampton, New Hampshire
First Congregational Church of Hampton.
Founded by Stephen Bachiler in 1638
Trinity Episcopal Church of Hampton.
Rev. Michael McCann, Pastor
Hampton Schools
Centre School, Hampton Academy & Grammar School
75th Anniversary Edition