From the 75th Anniversary edition

Hampton Union

July 23, 1975


Many organizations and people have cooperated with us in bringing you this 75th anniversary edition of Hampton Union. We are particularly grateful to the Hampton Historical Society's Tuck Memorial Museum and curator John Holman and his wife, Connie, Asst. Curator, for allowing us access to their writings and picture files.

Our thanks go to John Holman and the society's board of directors for making their veritable gold mine of historical information available to us. The Hamptons Union, incidentally, will be contributing all of the stories and photographs generated for this edition to the Hampton Historical Society for its research records.

Others aiding us in this project included Doris and Carl Bragg, Irene Burnham, Constance Adams Billings, Peter Randall, Steve Mazurka and the Hampton Historians, Inc. and Arthur Moody.

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