The Hamptons Union, June 3, 1926

Hampton News

An attempt was made to break into the garage of Mrs. Melzar Dunbar on Tuesday night of this week which was unsuccessful, the would-be burglars probably frightened away. Some beautiful flowers were stolen from the premises the same night.

At a meeting of the committee in charge of the lawn party for the Parent-Teacher's association plans were made for Monday, June 14th, from five to seven o'clock, the sale to be followed by an entertainment given by the Junior Class of the Academy. This association has received hearty co-operation in these plans from other organizations in town and would like to express thanks especially to the Mothers' Circle and the Men's Club.

Mr. and Mrs. William Little are receiving congratulations on the birth of a son on Saturday, May 30th. Dr. Fernald and the district nurse are in attendance.

The Monday Club Annual Outing will be held at Mrs. Wingate's grove, June seventh, at 10:30, weather permitting; otherwise, June fourteenth. Members are asked to bring drinking cups and some one thing for the luncheon (same as we do at our opening meeting in the Fall). Children are cordially invited. Anyone desiring further information please call one of the committee.

The information which was sent to the Union and printed in the last edition, viz., that Mrs. Mabel Blake had purchased the house built by H. I. Noyes on Lafayette road, was not based on fact, and Mrs. Blake has so written the editor.

Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Cleveland and sons, Carl and John E. Cleveland of Hartford, Conn., visited their father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Cleveland of High street over the week end. Mr. T. W. Cleveland is Master Mechanic for the Whitlock Coil Pipe Company of Hartford, Conn. Mr. John E. Cleveland is employed in the shipping department of the U. S. Tire Company, Hartford division.

O. H. Godfrey had as guests over Memorial his two sons and families, also Mr. and Mrs. William Hill.

Mrs. Herbert Marston is a welcome guest in town for the third summer. She was called by the ill health of her mother-in-law, Mrs. L. A. Marston. Other guests over Memorial were Mrs. Leonora B. Wing of the Deaconess Hospital, Boston, and Mrs. John B. Marston.

A picnic supper will be the feature of interest at the Grange tomorrow night. Please boom [sic] it.

Mrs. Mary Riley of Haverhill, and Mr. and Mrs. James Buckley and children of West Newbury were recent guests of their sister, Mrs. C. S. Toppan.

Scarlet fever, chicken pox and measles have been scattered in town.

The Missionary Society of the Congregational Church held at the home of Mrs. Annie M. True on Wednesday, was a very pleasant meeting. Mrs. M. L. Keene was assistant hostess. Four school teachers, Jenness, Marston, Sears and Taylor assisted in serving supper. Miss Etta Blake had charge of the program. Wilma Toppan gave a pleasing selection on the piano and Hollis Johnson sang very sweetly, accompanied by Louise Mullen.

Mr. and Mrs. William Gilpatrick and family spent the holiday in Cliftondale, Mass.

The regular meeting of the Whatsoever Circle will be held Saturday, June 5, with Wilma Toppan. Ethel Durant and Margaret Noyes are the assistant hostesses.

Rockingham Lodge No. 22, and Winnicummet Rebekah Lodge, No. 26, I. O. O. F., will jointly observe the Memorial Day of the Order with appropriate exercises on Tuesday, June 8 at 8:30 P. M. in the Odd Fellows Hall. Members have the privilege of inviting friends.

Married at the Baptist Church, May 28th, by Rev. E. E. Eno: Mr. Kenneth L. Noyes of Amesbury, Mass., and Miss Mary S. Sanborn of Salisbury, Mass.

The Loyal Workers Class of the Baptist Church will hold a food sale in Mr. Lane's store, Saturday afternoon at three o'clock.

Miss Blanche Weare died on Tuesday after a long illness which has been much worse for the past month. After so much suffering death was a release to her but her parents are greatly grieved and will miss her sadly as they have been devoted in their love and care during many years. Miss Weare was born October 20, 1881. The funeral will be held this Thursday at two o'clock, Rev. Mr. Cummings being the officiating clergyman.

The Woman's Relief Corps will hold its next meeting on Wednesday June 9, at 2:30 P.M.

Everyone is speaking in praise of the appearance of the cemeteries. While they have looked well for years it seems as if they look better than ever this year.

Mrs. Martha Blake and daughter, Miss Augusta Blake, plan to occupy the home of Mrs. Bishop on the Beach road this summer.

The Past Noble Grand's Club served a delicious supper Tuesday evening before the regular meeting of Winnicummet Rebekah lodge. On June 8, Memorial services will be held by the lodge to which the members of Rockingham lodge, I. O. O. F. have been invited. Plans are being formulated for the annual observance of Children's Day sometime in the near future.

John W. Berry, 57, North Hampton contractor, died at the Anna Jacques Hospital Wednesday afternoon as a result of injuries received shortly after noon when he fell from the second story of a building at Inn and Pleasant streets, which he was rebuilding for John O'Donnell. The building was damaged by fire some time ago and was being extensively remodeled. No floorings were in place and Mr. Berry, who was doing some work from a standing erected in the second story, missed his footing and fell to the basement of the building. His skull was fractured, several ribs broken and he suffered other internal injuries. Mr. Berry leaves a widow, son and daughter. He has been associated with Ex-Mayor Michael Cashman of Newburyport in a number of big building operations and was well known in this section.