The Hamptons Union, May 27, 1926

Hampton News

On Friday evening, May 28, at 7:45 o'clock at the Centre School Auditorium, an interesting movie program has been arranged for your entertainment. The feature picture offers Maurice Flynn in his big success "High and Handsome". Other attractions include a side-splitting comedy "Innocent Husbands", Pathe News and Aesop's Fables. This will probably be the last show for the present, at least, as theatres at the beach are about to open. The management wishes to thank all those who have cooperated with them in making the movies a success in Hampton and hope at some future time to be able to offer similar entertainment once a week at least.

An alarm was rung in for small grass fire in the vicinity of S. Albert Shaw's on Lafayette road, Tuesday afternoon, and two pieces of apparatus responded.

Work on another section of permanent construction on Exeter road began last week at the power house, running west to meet the construction of last year at Archibald William's estate.

A section of Ocean Boulevard from the Ashworth to the Casino is being resurfaced. Marsh avenue is also to be surfaced in the same manner.

The Friendly Class will meet Friday evening at the home of Miss Irene Trefethen.

There are only a few days left in which to pay your poll tax, as a State law required this tax paid by June 1. William Brown, collector, desires a 100 per cent record this year, which can be had only by each tax payer who has overlooked this little bill taking special pains to see that it is paid by next Tuesday.

Bear Swamp has not lost its breed of rock-ribbed, iron-sided men who once made it famous. The other day Amos K. Blake went to Portsmouth and had eight teeth extracted by Dr. Pickering at one fell swoop, without even taking a glass of near beer to keep up his courage. Although nearly 75 years old Mr. Blake is erect and vigorous, and grows handsomer with each advancing Year.

Mrs. J. Parker Blake is spending the month with her son Phillip.

The Congregational Missionary Auxiliary will be entertained by Mrs. Annie M. True, soon. The leader, Mrs. Flora Lane; devotions, Mrs. Blanchard; music, Mrs. Frances Sears,

Mr. Henry Hobbs left this morning for Washington, D. C., as a delegate to the Baptist National Convention. He was accompanied by Mr. Roscoe Swain of Hampton Falls and expects to be gone until Monday night.

Through the kindness and generosity of Mrs. Mabel Cammett Blake the seats in the Methodist church are to be newly cushioned.

There are several monuments being placed in the cemetery. Among them: one by Mr. Myron Norton and one by Mrs. Annie Page Brown.

Mrs. Mabel Blake has purchased the house recently built by Mr. Harry Noyes on the Portsmouth road to be occupied by her nephew.

Mrs. Flora Feeney is occupying her cottage at Plaice Cove this month. It is rented for the rest of the season. Cottages are being rented early this year and are in great demand.

The stores in Hampton Village will be closed all day on Monday, May 31, Memorial Day.

The Seaside district of the Sunday School Association will meet in the Hampton Falls Baptist Church Friday, May 28.

Chicken pox has depleted the schools to a great extent.

Arnold Godfrey has been confined for over a week with scarlet fever.

Miss Irene Blake is graduating from her course in Keene Normal School this year and is one of the high honor teacher students.

Mrs. Addie B. Brown has returned home after all winter's absence. She is at present staying with her sister, Mrs. L. A. Marston.

Mr. Chester Grady is expected to sing in the Congregational Church next Sunday. It is always a treat to hear him.

Perkins Post No. 78 will hold services in the cemetery on Monday at two P. M., as they did last year. This is all that they feel able to do. There will be music by the school orchestra and singing by Mr. Chester Grady, with other services. All friends are cordially invited to be present and join in our services which will soon pass into other hands.

An interesting sermon was preached by Rev. R. S. Barker before Perkins Post and W. R. C. on Sunday in the Methodist Church. Both orders are invited to attend the Memorial exercises which are always held in the Centre School on Friday preceding that day.

There will be a State-wide meeting of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, with a parade in the afternoon, on Memorial Monday. The speaker in the afternoon is Rev. Lawrence Breed Walker of Saco, Me. In the evening Prof. M. A. Burries of Westerville, Ohio, will speak. Refreshments will be for sale on the grounds. Public invited. Meeting will be in Marston's field, North Hampton.

Joan Elizabeth Blake, daughter of Winthrop D. and May Hanson Blake, attained her first anniversary on Tuesday, May 25, and that important event was celebrated by a birthday party. There were present the children of the neighborhood, except those who were kept away by chicken pox, and a number of grown-ups. The youngest guest was Gwendolyn, the six months' old daughter of Wilbur and Gladys Norton, and both babies behaved beautifully. The oldest guest was Mrs. Martha A. Hooke.

Refreshments, consisting of ice cream, cake and fancy cookies were served to the children and their elders.

The presents were so many that it seemed as if little Joan were having a shower. There were gifts of money, clothing, toys, furniture, toilet articles and a bracelet. Two presents deserve especial mention - a "Mother Goose" quilt by Mrs. Minnie Lamprey, on which she had lavished much time and affection, and a birthday cake with two tiny candles - one to grow on - made by Mrs. Ruth Palmer. Those present had such a good time that they wish Joan would have two birthdays a year.