The Hamptons Union, July 24, 1924

Vol. XXVI, No. 30

Hampton News

Mr. and Mrs. Forest Pratt, Master Hugh and Miss Adeline Pratt were guests of Mrs. Addie Brown on Sunday, motoring down from their home in Lynn.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer King and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kierstead spent the week end motoring thru the mountains. They made the trip up thru the Crawford Notch and Lost river then home by Franconia Notch.

Mrs. Helen Yeaton had a very delightful birthday surprise party given her on Friday, it being a supper on the North beach. There were fourteen in the party including Miss Adeline and Eleanor Marston, Mrs.Herbert Marston, Mrs. Marion Gates and daughter, Madeline, Mr. and Mrs. John Cummings, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Ward, Mrs. Chester Grady, Miss Florence Mansfield of New York, Mr. John Creighton and Mr. and Mrs. Beecher Yeaton. The drift wood was gathered and over the glowing embers coffee was made, bacon grilled and marsh mallows toasted. With potato salad, sandwiches and pickles the feast was most enjoyable. The beautiful moon came up thru the clouds, casting its sheen across the water making an unforgettable picture. The evening passed all too quickly with songs sung and stories told around the fire.

The many friends in Hampton of Miss Bernice Russell will be pleased to hear that she graduated from the Springfield, Mass., hospital with honors.

Mr. and Mrs. Gladwin, with their daughter and friends who had motored on from Akron, Ohio, were guests of Dr. and Mrs. Ward on Thursday.

Miss Marjorie Paulsen was a charming little hostess to seven of her friends on Friday after-noon. The occasion was merry with games and all enjoyed the little party.

Miss Junie Noyes, of Waltham, is visiting her twin sister, Mrs. Alfie Godfrey.

Mrs. Marcia York of Kensington, visited her brothers and sisters in town on Friday and Wednesday, relating to them the pleasures of her recent trip to St. Paul, Chicago and Providence.

The Misses Helen Gilpatrick, Isabelle Thompson, Gertrude Carlson, Gladys Gilpatrick, Esther Scott and Louise Mullen went as delegates from the Congregational Sunday school to the Northern New England school of Religious Education at Durham last week. At the Commencement on Sunday evening twenty-one diplomas were given for completing the three year course. Among those receiving diplomas were Helen Gilpatrick and Harold Clark.

Mrs. Charles M. Batchelder starts today for a two weeks visit with friends in Springfield and Worcester, Mass.

Mrs. Horace Batchelder of Lynn, Mass., is the guest of Mrs. Harry Cleveland.

Miss Elizabeth Norris has her cousin, Miss Mary Humphrey, as her guest.

Mrs. Coombs gave two fine solos Sunday which were enjoyed. There was a very fine sermon on The Talents given by Mr. Cummings.

Among the arrivals in Hampton during the past week, are the Misses Rose Hamilton of Roxbury, Helen Gray of Jamaica Plain and Rose Derfus of Somerville.

Rev. and Mrs. John Cummings were agreeably surprised Sunday morning by a party of six friends who had motored from Boston. The party included Mr. and Mrs. Edward Havey, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hainsworth, Miss Blanche Wicker and Mr. Stanley Green, all of Roslindale, Mass.

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Tolman and Roberta, were in town last week visiting at Mrs. Ward's and Mrs. Lucy A. Marston's.

Robert Brown and family are staying with his grandmother, Mrs. Orlando Blake.

Miss Junie Noyes is in town for her annual summer visit with her sister, Mrs. Alfie L. Godfrey.

Remember the Mother's Circle picnic July 30, at the North beach bath houses.

The Rebekahs and P. N. G. club will have a food sale in I. O. O. F. hall July 29, at 3 p.m. Tuesday.

The Ladies' Aid Society of the Methodist church will serve a supper at the church, Wednesday evening, July 30. The supper will be served from 5:30 to 7:30 and will consist of baked beans, salads, rolls and Washington pie. The public are invited. Supper 35 cents.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Blake of Salem, Mass., spent last week in Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Blake being sent as a delegate to the convention of the American Institute of Banking which met in that city. They also visited Washington and Annapolis.

The Ladies' Aid of the Congregational church will hold a party and sale on the parsonage lawn on Tuesday, August 5, at 3 p.m. Ice cream, cake, candy, mysterious aprons and fancy articles will be on sale. Supper will be served in the church dining room from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Price 35 cents, children under 12 years of age, 25 cents.

Hampton Beach:

The fourteenth annual outing of the Haverhill Gas company, was held at Hampton beach with headquarters at the Casino and Ocean house. Three hundred members made the trip. The group started from Haverhill in special trolleys at eight o'clock under the direction of John Clemens, head of the transportation committee. Upon arrival at the beach the first bit of activity was the ball game between the office force and the operating crew, which was won by the operators, 4 to 1. After the game the sports were contested for on the beach.

Signs indicating one-way streets and no parking areas have been made and will be put in place early tomorrow morning. It is expected that the new regulation will aid traffic as well as the merchants on the boulevard. The most drastic change being that of forbidding parking on west or store side of the boulevard between the Ashworth and Casino. From now on people riding through will be able to see the stores and business men having hotels on the boulevard will be able to take care of their patrons at the front door rather than having them go way down on a side street and walk to the lobby, sometimes a quarter of a mile. Persons desiring to do business, such as going to the post office or to purchase small articles taking but a minute or two, will be able to do it. D street and F street will be open to east bound traffic only while C street will be used for west bound traffic turning in from the boulevard.