The Hamptons Union, February 7, 1924

Vol. XXVI, No. 6

Hampton News

Bernice Hair Nets Double Mesh 3 for 20c Grey or White 10c. Co-op

Mrs. Thomas Powers of Hampton Beach, has purchased a new sedan of the Hampton Center Garage.

Buy Now. Half Dozen Canned Food Sale. Save up to 24 cents. Co-op

The way is open for you! Join the traffic headed for Christian Endeavor at the Congregational church. When? Why, next Sunday evening at six o'clock. Just follow the crowd. Everybody goes to Christian Endeavor. Leader, Evelyn H. Clark. Topic: "How and What Jesus Taught."

Best Maine Potatoes 15 lbs. for 35c 100 lb Bag $2.25. Onions 5 lbs. for 25c. Co-op.

Mrs. Ellen J. Blake who has been confined to the house for a number of weeks is much improved in health and able to call on a few neighbors on Hemp Plain Hill on Friday.

The drama to be given Friday evening by the senior class of the high school promises to be a great success as the class has secured Mrs. Emma J. Young to coach the drama.

Quaker Rolled Oats 5 lbs. for 23c Corn Meal 7 lbs for 23c. Co-op

Mrs. William Cash spent the week end in Lynn, Mass.

Best Bread Flour O-K Special Superfine 89c lg. Bag $6.97 a Bbl. Co-op

Sweet Home Assorted Chocolates or Peppermint Patties 39c lb. Box 3 Boxes $1.10 Co-op

The Monday Club was entertained in the Centre school building this week. A most illuminating address was given by Supt. Moore upon The Educational Bill. Mrs. Emma J. Young Pres. Pro tem presided and she prepared a very fitting memorial service for Ex Pres. Wilson. Mrs. Ross gave the eulogy and one of the dead president's favorite hymns "How Firm a Foundation" was sung. Refreshments were served by the hostesses, Mrs. Winchester, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Moore and Miss Trefethen. The hostesses for the next meeting are Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Coffin.

Best Pastry Flour 69c Lg. Bag $5.37 a Bhl. Co-op

Mrs. John Ryder has purchased an Essex coach. A previous item stating that Mr. Ryder had purchased a sedan was incorrect.

February first ushered in the eighty-seventh birthday of Rev. I. S. Jones, and throughout the day and evening, he had constant reminders of this fact in the form of telephone calls, postal cards and other communications; also remembrances of plants, flowers and candy. From the Friendly Class a very handsomely decorated basket of fruit was received. In the early evening fifteen of the near neighbors called in a body, and Mr. Jones, answering door, was taken very greatly by surprise, for a few seconds, it looked as though they were not to be invited in. When he recovered all were given a most cordial welcome. After some little time being spent on games, and anecdote relating, a very pretty birthday supper was served; an artistic birthday cake, with candles and other pretty decorating, being placed in front of Mr. Jones. After supper a short entertainment was given, closing with the following anniversary ode written by Mrs. Clara A. P. P. Miner:

We meet here to-night, in this wintry season

To greet you, Mr. Jones, for a very good reason.

We all found out in a round-about way,

That Feb. 1st, was your anniversary day.

I know not the years you have rounded out,

But appearance show 65, or there-a-bout.

You're called the youngest in the neighborhood,

As you shovel much snow and cut your wood.

You are so nice and tall and straight,

you're the envy of many of younger date.

You're the best of neighbors, we all agree.

And mind your own affairs, and then if we

Should need any favor, and asked it of you,

You'd give us full measure, that's what you'd do.

Besides, you're a preacher, commanding and smart,

They're mighty scarce, so gifted, in that art.

But perhaps Feb. a reason may be,

As it's furnished other smart men, you see.

As Washington and Lincoln, whose births U. S. celebrates,

Their goodness and honesty, were like your traits.

So we come here to-night to show love and respect,

For you, on how years show little effect,

And present to you this little cyclamen.

May "God be with you till we meet again."

Mr. Jones made a very pleasing response. After singing one verse of "God be with you till we meet again" the company departed, feeling that they might all attend more surprise birthday parties, but never one where the surprise will be greater, or the pleasure of the celebrant more sincere. Mr. Jones takes this opportunity to thank all for their kind remembrances and thoughts.

Miss Ethel Skoag of Dorchester was a guest of Mrs. A. H. Ward's for the first of the week.

The Mothers' Circle will meet with Mrs. Henry Hobbs on Wednesday Feb. 13.

Deputy Collector John E. Latham will be at the post office Feb. 15 and 16, to furnish assistance to any who require it in filling out the Federal Income Tax blanks.

A. H. Brown of the Casino garage gave a good demonstration of what the new motor snowscraper, recently purchased by the Beach precinct, can do. He ploughed out the boulevard as far as the Life Saving Station and also from the Causeway to Lafayette road, leaving a broad path easily parted by autos.

Miss Mary Gookin spent the week-end with friends in Boston. Sunday she was one of the fortunate ones to enjoy the concert of Fritz Kriesler. Monday she observed first grade work in the Malden schools.

A valentine whist party will be held at Odd Fellows Hall on Wednesday, Feb. 13. at eight p.m. under the auspices of the Past Noble Grands Club of the Rebekah Lodge. Admission including refreshments 25 cents. The public is cordially invited.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard G. Lane of Hampton announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Eloise Frances Lane to Carl Elsworth Smith of Framingham, and Norwood Mass. Miss Lane is a graduate of New Hampton Institute and of Bates college and has done post-graduate work at Oberlin college. She is now located in the Senior high school at Nashua as a teacher in the history department. Mr Smith was a member of the class of 1920 Bates college.

The program for the Parent Teachers Association on Monday night will consist of singing by the Ladies Quartette. Report of Miss Chadwick on the effect of the milk feed to the children at recess. A talk on the Public Health Work by that very pleasing and successful Home Demonstration Agent Miss Anna Beggs. Any one who misses meeting Miss Beggs and hearing her, will miss a great treat. She is well known in New Hampshire and her work has been very successful. The hour of meeting is 8 o'clock. It is hoped every member will be present.

All the towns people realize and a ppreciate what Mr. Moore is doing for the town by giving the splendid films every Saturday night at a very small admission. Do you, except those who have children in school, realize that the children are given splendid Educational Films which make their studies more interesting? There is one draw back in giving pictures in the day time. The curtains are not dark enough or heavy enough to keep out all the light and it has been necessary to use newspapers. On Saturday night Feb. 23, a Benefit Entertainment is to be given at the school instead of pictures. The tickets will be twenty-five cents. The proceeds are to help buy the much needed black curtains. The tickets will be sold by the school children. Let's all help: buy a ticket.

Miss A. Ellen Stanton:

Miss A. Ellen Stanton, 90, who died Monday at Pine Tree Lodge, Bride Hill, where she had lived for 15 years, had been connected for 25 years with Wheaton College, or seminary as it was in her day, most of which time she acted as its principal. She was born in Manchester, and was educated at Mt. Holyoke. She studied in London and Paris, specializing in French.

Miss Stanton first taught at Maplewood Institute, Pittsfield, following which she went to Wheaton. Relinquishing her connection with Wheaton she lived for 10 years on Westland avenue, Boston. Among distinguished persons who had been her pupils were Miss Mary Woolsey, head of Mt. Holyoke and Prof. Palmer of the Greek department at Vassar.

She is survived by a sister, Miss M. Annette Stanton, and two nephews, L. C. Stanton of Newton, Mass. and Dr. S. C. Stanton of Chicago.

The Dorcas Society of the Baptist church will give a supper and entertainment on the evening of Washington's birthday.

The Methodist Ladies Aid met with Mrs. I. A. Glines on Wed. afternoon and evening. A delicious supper was served and a very pleasant time enjoyed. There was a good number present in spite of bad traveling. Mrs. Sarah E. Lane, who is over 80 years old, has been president of the society for many years.

The Frances Willard Memorial meeting will be held on Friday of next week, with Mrs. Christopher, at the parsonage at 2 o'clock. This is a public meeting, and all are cordially invited.

Miss Eleanor G. Marston who is with her grandmother Mrs. Lucy A. Marston, is a recent graduate from University of Montana. She has been teaching at Bozeman, where the University is situated. She has specialized in Commercial Art.

The Women's Missionary society of the Congregational church met with Mrs. Annie M. True in her pleasant home on the Exeter road, on Wednesday p.m. There were 25 ladies present. The president Miss Akerman was in charge. Mrs. Alfie Godfrey had the devotions and Mrs. Lucy A. Marston had charge of an interesting program on Japan. It seems very fitting that Miss Anna M. Cole should fill the office of secretary as her mother was an officer for many years, her sister secretary for a long term, and her sister in law Mrs. Cole, came after her. A pleasing feature of the meeting was the singing of two selections by Mrs.Hamilton, accompanied by Mrs. Winchester. Mrs. Cash had charge of the music. A delicious supper of scalloped oysters, sandwiches, all kinds of cake, pickles, etc. was served by the hostess. Her mother, Mrs. Vianna Marston, is one of the oldest members of the society.



There will be service in the Baptist church next Lord's day.

Sermon in the morning at '10:30. Subject, "Some Important Requirements for God's Workmen."

Church school 11:45.

_Evening service at 7:00. Subject, "My Legacy to Coming Generations."

The Mid-week meeting will be at the home of Mr. Harry Cleveland. Subject, "Joshua the Man of the Hour" or "The Conquest of Canaan"

The Dorcas Society will meet with Mrs. Christopher on Tuesday at 2 p. m. All our women are cordially invited.


Morning service at 10: 30 a.m. Subject, "The Man of the Hour." Church school at 11:45 a. m.

Christian Endeavor, 6:00 p.m.

Evening service at 6:30 p.m. Subject, "Abraham Lincoln," a reading of John Drinkwater's play.


Sunday morning at 10:30 Worship service; sermon by the pastor.

Sunday school will be at noon, followed by election of lay delegate and alternate for the Lay Electional Conference which meets in conjunction with the Annual Conference at Laconia April 4.

Epworth League will meet at 6 p. m.

Evening service at 7 p.m.

Wednesday evening the 4th Quarterly Conference will be held at the church at 7 o'clock with District Superintendent Rev. E. A. Durham in charge. All reports should be ready. Everyone in the parish who is interested is invited to come. All who are members and have a vote should be there as representatives of the church.