The Hamptons Union, September 6, 1923

Hampton News

Mr. George A. Blake of Haverhill, formerly of Hampton, is visiting his sister, Mrs. Asbury Marston.

Miss Eloise F. Lane went to Nashua on Monday where she will teach in the High School this year.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Palmer and Mrs. Charles D. Palmer and two children motored to Bethlehem for the Labor Day vacation, returning Tuesday evening and enjoyed the trip very much.

On Labor Day a party of four, composed of A. W. Gookin, Fred Blake, Merton James of Hampton and Dr. Lamert Oulton, of Providence, R. I., visited the Amoskeag Gun Club at Manchester. Mr. Blake was said to have done some excellent shooting.

William Gilpatrick and Clinton Durant took a hundred mile trip on Labor Day placing advertising signs for Guyon's dance carnival. They went through Portsmouth, Kittery, Dover, Exeter, Kingston, Plaistow and Haverhill.

Mrs. Hodsdon of Lunenburg, Mass., was a week end guest in her home in town. Mrs. Frank Dennett and two children are camping this week in Hedding.

Cards have been received announcing the marriage of Miss Doris M. Goodrich of Portsmouth, formerly of Exeter, and Mr. Raymond W.Grasser of Milwaukee, Wis., on August 23, at Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass.

John A. Janvrin has greatly improved the appearance of the blacksmith shop on High Street by having it painted the same colors as his big lumber shed.

The first meeting of the Men's Club will be held on Monday evening, Sept. 17. The Mothers' Circle have a speaker for that evening and plans are now being made to have a joint meeting of the two organizations.

Watch out for the next food sale to be held on C. S. Toppan's lawn, Fri. Sept. 14 at 3 p.m., for the benefit of the P. N. G. Club of Winnicummet Rebekah Lodge.

Under the auspices of the Mothers' Circle on Monday, Sept. 17, in the Center School auditorium Mrs. Geo. F. Richards of Exeter, will speak on "Affairs at Washington." Mrs. Richards is the only woman member of the Press Gallery at the Capitol which has a membership of 225 men, and is the only authorized body of news gatherers at the Capitol. We hope everyone will avail themselves of this opportunity, as it is seldom we get first hand information from Washington.

A Community Meeting will be held under auspices of the Rockingham County Farm Bureau next Tuesday, Sept. 11, at 7:45 p.m. in Center School building.

A four-reel motion picture on Spring Valley will be given. County Agent Purrington and the Home Demonstration Agent Miss Pulsifer, will be present. All invited.

The program for the entertainment is being arranged as follows for the members of the State Library Association which is to meet in Hampton on next Wednesday and Thursday, with headquarters in Cutler's Sea View Hotel.

A reception will be given the visitors by the members of the women's clubs and their husbands of this town at eight o' clock at the Sea View Hotel, Hampton Beach.

On Thursday afternoon a sight seeing trip will be furnished them, visiting the beaches, our town library and new central school building, where tea will be served by our club women. Any cooperation which our citizens can give will be greatly appreciated by the trustees of the Hampton Library.

Miss Theodate Hobbs accompanied her father to Georgia this week where she will remain and attend boarding school.

Fire caused by melting paraffin did damage of $5,000 and totally destroyed a two and a half story house, a barn and several sheds owned by Mrs. F. Sprague on the Exeter Road Thursday afternoon. The Hampton and Hampton Beach fire departments were called and prevented the fire from spreading.

Mrs. Sprague left the melting paraffin on the stove while she went to get the mail. When she returned the entire kitchen was ablaze. The loss is partially covered by insurance.


Several hundred persons were given a thrill here Tuesday afternoon when an airplane, piloted by Halsey Bazley and containing his brother, Walter, both of 21 Prospect Street, Everett, Mass., took a nose dive and struck a rock on the beach. The men were not injured, but the plane's propeller was broken and a wing damaged.

The men left Boston at 3:30 o'clock for this beach and made the trip in 30 minutes. The portion of the upper beach roped off for a landing field was not large enough owing to the incoming tide and the pilot attempted to land beyond the ropes in an area occupied by the spectators. The plane shot down at a moderate speed and travelled directly toward a woman and some children before the pilot realized the situation.

Bazley then quickly turned his machine and attempted to take to the air. In making the turn the lower part of the plane struck a rock and dove in the sand.

Carnival Week:

Perfect weather conditions favored the opening day of the ninth annual Hampton Beach carnival, under the auspices of the Hampton and Hampton Beach Board of Trade. It was estimated that a crowd in excess of 150,000 people were on the beach Monday, breaking all previous records.

In the afternoon, there was vaudeville on the stage in front of the Casino and afterwards part of the crowd attended the baseball game between the Hampton Beach Nine and the Amoskeags of Manchester, resulting in a victory for the latter 8 to 3.

In the evening the program included band concerts, confetti battles and a monster display of fireworks, which was witnessed by thousands.

An attractive program was arranged under the leadership of Phil Irish of Portsmouth and Hobart Pillsbury of Manchester.

Despite the large crowds, the police reported few arrests. There were several slight collisions on the boulevard. Machines owned by John J. O'Connell of 5 Spring street, Newburyport, Mass., collided with a car owned by Thomas J. Kevins of 72 Osgood street, Lawrence; while Joseph F. Begg of 49 Lynn street, Peabody, Mass., was in collision with John J. Heavey, of 42 Neponset street, Dorchester, Mass. No one was injured.

Mrs. Josephine D. Lamprey:

The funeral of Mrs. Josephine Drake Lamprey was held from her late home at Little Boar's Head, North Hampton, Tuesday afternoon of last week. Rev. Elvin K. Amazeen conducted the services and was assisted by Rev. Edgar Warren. The choir of the Christian church sang two selections. The bearers were Russell Moulton, Oliver Henckel, Melvin Locke and Arthur W. Brown. Burial was in the Christian church cemetery.