The Hamptons Union, July 12, 1923

Hampton News

All are pleased to hear of little Elizabeth Brown's convalescence and that she will be able to come home Friday. She had a narrow escape from that dreaded disease, mastoid.

Mrs. Belle Colvin is a guest in town. Mr. Colvin has also been here for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. William Hill are guests at O. H. Godfrey's.

Friends are glad to see Oliver Hobbs out after his severe attack of illness.

Anyone having Buttermilk for sale. Please call at Co-op Grocery Store.

Plans for the coming outing of the Aleppo Temple, Mystic Shrine, of Boston, at Hampton Beach, Aug. 15, are going forward smoothly. It is expected that several thousand shriners will come on a special train. Others who will welcome these guests by the erection of an arch in the depot yard and by the decorating of public buildings, stores and residences. The various committees of Masons appointed by Aleppo Temple will be assisted by the two trade organizations of Hampton wherever possible. Further particulars of arrangement will be published from week to week as they are formulated.

On Friday, Aug. 24, the State Old Home week association will hold its annual observance at Hampton Beach. It will be one of the events of the season and will bring to Hampton guests from all parts of the state, and Hampton citizens should join heartily in a movement to welcome the guests and assist in making the occasion a splendid success. The Hampton Chamber of Commerce and the Beach Board of Trade are cooperating with the State association in formulating plans for the Day. The Exeter Chamber of Com- riously injured by an auto last in the movement [sic], and the public generally in this section of the State is asked to do all possible to make the day a memorable one.

Birthday Observance:

On Monday, the 9th, a large party of relatives gathered at home of Mrs. Anna T. Shelton in honor of her 83rd birthday. All enjoyed the occasion very much, especially Mrs. Shelton who, though not as sprightly as she used to be in body, is in other ways as bright and vivacious as ever. She was the recipient of many gifts and lovely flowers. Miss Emma Shelton and Mrs. Alice Shelton acted as hostesses and served delicious refreshments of ice cream, cake and cookies. Her son, Richard Barker Shelton also greeted the guests in a very cordial manner.

Frank Laird and wife, of Jacksonville, Fla., formerly of Hampton, are visiting in town this summer, after an absence of 18 years. Mr. Laird was engaged in the drug business with his brother-in-law, Orrin Leavitt, for several years before going South.

Mrs. A. K. Church and daughter are occupying their house in town for the summer. Mr. Church spends the week ends here.

Miss Dorothy Moyer, of the Psychopathic Hospital, Boston, was a week end guest of Eloise Lane, a classmate at Oberlin.

There will be a lawn party at the Methodist Church on Wednesday July 25th from 2:30 to 7:30 p.m. Home cooked food, candy, aprons and fancy work will be for sale. All are invited.

The death of Mrs. Laura Brown, wife of Walter Brown, which occurred at Anna Jaques Hospital was a shock to the community. Not only to all who knew Mrs. Brown, but we are so sorry for the family so greatly bereft, especially the five motherless children. Mrs. Brown was thought to be doing well and getting ready to return to her home , when, as is supposed, a clot of blood on the brain caused her sudden death. Mrs. Brown was a faithful mother and leaves besides her immediate family here many relatives in Seabrook, her former home. Goodwill grange of Seabrook, of which Mrs. Brown was a member, held their service at the funeral. Rev. Bernard Christopher spoke highly of the deceased, as he had often met her in her home. Mrs. Alice Holmes sang two hymns in a very pleasing manner. There were many beautiful flowers. In addition to those from relatives there was a design from the Mother's Circle, of which she was a member. Also lovely flowers from neighbors. Mrs. Toppan has kindly cared for the children since the loss of mother; now they return to a motherless home. Much sympathy is extended to the whole family.

The reunion of the H. A. Class of '13 was held at Hampton, June 23, 1923 with but two members of the class absent. Special seats were reserved for the class at the Alumnae dinner, Ashworth's Hotel, Hampton Beach; but the real get-together party was held in the evening at the home of Miss Annie L. Johnson, to whom a vote of thanks was given for making possible the reunion. The class history and prophecy written ten years ago were found most amusing, also a group picture of the class taken in Washington, D. C. in the spring of 1913 was shown. The class numbered thirteen (13) left for Washington on the thirteenth of March, were graduated on the thirteenth week of the term, June thirteenth, and all in the year nineteen hundred and thirteen. Members and husbands present at the reunion were; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Russell, Washington,

D. C.; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hyde, Webster, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Chase, Waltham, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. Bryon Smith, Wollaston, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Batchelder, Hampton Falls, N. H.; Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Drew, North Hampton, N. H.; Miss Josephine Brown, North Hampton, N. H.; Mr. James Manuel, Rye Beach, N. H.; Miss Marion Garland, Hampton, N. H.;

Miss Annie Johnson, Hampton, N. H.; Mr. Lester Perkins, Hampton, N. H. The two members who were unable to attend were Mr. Victor Garland, Washington, D. C. and Mrs. George H. Leeming, Walden, N. Y.

Miss Wilma Toppan is visiting her grandfather at North Woodstock.

S. Albert Shaw, who was seriously injured by an auto last week, is slowly improving. No symptoms of internal injury are apparent and hopes of his complete recovery.

William Blake and men are painting Cole's block in the square.

The Mothers' Circle will meet at the Coast Guard Station for their annual outing Wednesday July 18th. Basket lunch at 12:30.

Winnicummet Rebekah lodge is planning to hold a picnic at the Beach on the afternoon and evening of Monday July 23. Further announcement later.

Dr. and Mrs. Park Davis and family of Providence, R. I. spent Sunday with their aunt, Mrs. Zipporah J. Jenness. Mrs. Davis was formerly Miss Bessie Jenness of this town.

Rev. Mr. Roys will again supply the Congregational pulpit next Sunday.


On Wednesday the Ladies Guild of Dover came to the shore for their annual party.

Next Monday the choir of the St. Jean de Baptiste church of Lowell will come to Hampton Beach for a banquet and general good time under the leadership of Rudolph Peppin the choir master.

The cottage house purchased by the board of trade, for the convenience of tourists as an information bureau of an office of the board has been set up and in a few days will be ready, as soon as the furnishings are in, for the inspection.

The employees of the Amoskeag bank, headed by former Gov. Albert O. Brown, motored to the beach Saturday. Many of them remained over Sunday enjoying the many attractions here.

It is expected that the Derry Board of Trade will hold its annual outing at the beach on Thursday, July 26.

An outing of the Rockingham County Republican club, whose representative was on the beach today, will be held some time during the middle of August.

Lee Thomas, of Dorchester, Mass., was fined $15 and costs of $7.20 for proceeding at an unreasonable rate on the Lafayette highway near what is known as the "haunted house." Two drunks also paid fines in the Hampton court. The Thomas case was prosecuted by M. J. Dwyer, state inspector of motor vehicles.

The following 26 divorces were granted by Judge Marble at the April term of the Superior Court, which closed at Portsmouth last week: Elizabeth M. Peon, Derry, from Joseph X., conduct injurious to health; Edward Meehan, Salem, from statutory offence; Annie B. Nason, Exeter, from Wilfred, treatment injurious to health; Flora B. Grover, Newton, from Robert L., Newburyport, Mass., treatment injurious to health; Gertrude J. Young, Hampton, from Arthur, treatment injurious to health; Maude B. Willet, Portsmouth, from Lorin J., extreme cruelty; Mary E. Thompson, Portsmouth, from Warren S., treatment injurious to health; Peter J. Valliere, Derry, from Phebe, Drummondville, Canada, abandonment; Henry Albrecht, Windham, from Annie S., Jamaica Plain, Mass., abandonment; Louise E. Meeks, Exeter, from Ira A., Kingston, extreme cruelty; Lena E. Johnson, Portsmouth, from Charles C., treatment injurious to health; Mabel L. Lovejoy, Exeter, from Ralph L., Philadelphia, statutory offence; Maurice E. Boyd, Seabrook, from Georgiana, Salisbury, Mass., abandonment; Millie G. Stevens, Newton, from William, abandonment; Fannie M. Witham, Sandown, from Charles, extreme cruelty; Mary W. Crewe, Portsmouth, from Ernest, abandonment; Herman A. Marden, Portsmouth, from Isabella, Lincoln, Neb., abandonment; Leopold Taylor, Northwood, from Helen K., statutory offence; Pearl Higgins, Portsmouth, from Ralph, Brunswick, Me., abandonment; Hattie M. Grant, Exeter, from Henry H., statutory offence; Virginia M. Smith, Portsmouth, from LeForrest P., extreme cruelty; Helen M. Pitt, Derry, from Oscar V., extreme cruelty; Jacob P. Sargent, Seabrook, from Della P., extreme cruelty; Sarah L. Chase, Seabrook, from Cyrus M., treatment injurious to health; Lea R. Gester, Derry, from Henry W., extreme cruelty; Baxter M. Oliver, Portsmouth, from Rose M., Los Angeles, Calif., abandonment.