The Hamptons Union, December 8, 1921

Hampton News

Don't forget the date for the Chicken Pie Supper, Tuesday, December 13 at 5:30 o'clock Congregational church Dining rooms.

John Roberts found the southland too damp for his comfort and returned home last week.

Friends of Mrs. James Hutchins are very much disturbed over her serious illness and hope for her speedy recovery. She is with her relatives in Lynn.

The Ladies' Aid of the Congregational church met with Mrs. Henry Perkins on Tuesday afternoon, making final plans for their fair on Tuesday afternoon and evening. Those fortunate last year to hear Leaves' Concert Orchestra, will again be favored, Tuesday evening, Dec. 13, concert commencing at 8 o'clock. The drama, "Farm Folks", will follow. The cast is as follows: Warren Clark, Willard Emery, Walter Clark, Mr. Donald, Mrs. Warren Clark, Mrs. Scott Noyes, Mrs. Gertrude Young, Miss Cutts and Miss Bradbury.

The Quarterly Meeting of the Rockingham County W. C. T. U. was held in the Baptist church at Hampton Falls on Dec. 1. Owing to car service, we reached there at noon, and all enjoyed the fine dinner prepared by the ladies of the Hampton Falls local before the meeting was called to order. Fine reports were given from both State and National conventions, even though some of those whose names were on the program were unable to be present. Miss Mary Chase sang and a very enjoyable afternoon was passed. Members were present from Portsmouth, Hampton Falls and Hampton and our State President from Dover.

On Friday evening, Dec. 23rd, there will be a Community Xmas Tree in the town hall. A committee from each of the churches working with the Charles Lane Fund committee have charge. Any wishing to put gifts on the tree are at liberty to do so, but on account of the large number to be taken care of please bring only one gift for a person. Any further particulars can be obtained of the committee, Mrs. C. S. Toppan, Mrs. Charles Brown, Mrs. Ware, Mrs. Murray, Mrs. George Godfrey, Mrs. Howard Lane, Mrs. Robert Brown, Mrs. Beede, Mrs. Hartley Kierstead, Mr. Henry Hobbs, Mr. Beede, Miss Akerman, Miss Craig, Mrs. Lucy Redman. Look for notice next week.

Mrs. Howard G. Lane is spending this Thursday in Boston.

The Mother's Circle will hold its next regular meeting, Wednesday evening, Dec. 14, at the home of Mrs. Maud Nudd with Mrs. Maud Ring as assistant hostess.

Charles Fellows has moved into Fred Greenleaf's house for the winter.

Mrs. Addie Brown is visiting her sister, Mrs. York, in Kensington and has closed her house here, Mr. and Mrs. Quimby deciding to spend the winter in Exeter.

There was a very pretty home wedding at the residence of Moses W. Brown, Beach Road, Hampton, Wednesday afternoon, November 30, when his elder daughter, Mildred, was married to Orla Anson Stowe of White Oak, Michigan, in the presence of the family and a few intimate friends. Rev. Edgar Warren officiated, and the bride and groom sealed their vows each to the other with rings. During the ceremony the sun, which had been hidden for days, flooded the room with its glory and rested upon the bridal party like a benediction.

The bride looked very lovely in her dress of Spanish guipure lace over ivory satin, with pearl ornamentations, and caught together at the throat with a diamond sunburst. She wore a tulle veil with a garland of lilies of the valley, and carried a shower bouquet of white bridal roses. She was attended by Miss Annie Conant of Roslindale, Mass., as maid of honor, and by her sister, Pauline (Mrs. Verne J. Wright) as matron of honor. Mr. Wright acted as best man for the groom.

After the ceremony refreshments were served, and the guests viewed the presents which were many and beautiful. Among them was a victory bond for $100, the gift of the bride's uncle, Thomas Albert Brown. The diamond brooch which the bride wore was the gift if Miss Caroline Cutler.

Among the guests was one who deserves particular mention, Mrs. Richard Haughton Shelton, a neighbor who was married on the same day of the month and the same day of the week, fifty-one years ago. Her gift to the bride was a centerpiece fashioned by her own hands.

The groom is a native and resident of Michigan, and is engaged in farming in that state on an extensive scale, and is a substantial and successful citizen. His family came originally from Vermont. He met his prospective bride in Florida two years ago, where they were both spending the winter. Certainly he is a man of good judgment for he takes back to his native state one of Hampton's most charming and popular young ladies.

Rev. Mr. Buckingham of New Durham will preach as candidate in the Baptist church next Sunday. He will be entertained in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Coffin.

Mr. and Mrs. David Hamilton are receiving congratulations upon the birth of a baby girl Monday morning, Myra Stevens. Four boys have come to gladden the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton, three of whom are living, so they are overjoyed with the arrival of a little girl.

The West End Club met Thursday, Dec. 1, at the home of Miss A. Blanche Williams and were very pleasantly entertained. We were pleased to have Mrs. Jennie James with us once again. The program was in charge of Mesdames Towle and Bowley. At the last meeting the president suggested that we keep an account of the happenings of the two weeks between meetings and that we relate what we did. Most of the members responded. Miss Maroney and Mrs. Delano narrated in rhyme what they did and it was very amusing. Singing and the usual business matters attended to and then a social hour was enjoyed in which the hostess served delicious refreshments. Next meeting to be held December in observance of Xmas. Mrs. Frank James will act as hostess.

The West End Club visited Mr. and Mrs. J. E. James at their home Friday evening Dec. 2nd in observance of their birthday. We thought to surprise them but Mrs. James was too smart for us and was all prepared. Mrs. Addie James presented the gifts for the West End Club, also from the West End Four Hundred. The evening passed quickly and every minute was one of enjoyment. Refreshments were served and the guests departed at a late hour wishing Mr. and Mrs. James many happy returns of the day.

Mrs. E. S. Bowley spent the weekend with her friend Mrs. Jessie R. Towle and as Alexander Bowley's birthday was Sunday Mrs. Towle thought best to celebrate Saturday night and invited the neighbors in to give him a little surprise. He received 2 birthday cakes, a very handsome one from Miss Blanche Williams with white frosting and cherries and 15 red candles. The party was called to lunch and Miss Fanny Towle placed the cake before Alexander and he was too surprised to speak, however he recovered enough to extinguish the candles. A very fine lunch was served and all had a very pleasant time. Mr. and Mrs. Bowley returned home Sunday evening after a very pleasant visit.

Warren Hobbs spent Friday in Manchester.

Mr. Charles Palmer is having his house wired for electricity.

The Baptist Missionary Auxiliary will be entertained by Mrs. Dana Garland this Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Asbury Rich of Amesbury were weekend guests of their brother and both are enjoying unusually good health.

Miss Junie Noyes, twin sister of Mrs. Alfie Godfrey, has been ill with neuritis in her home at 502 Main St., Waltham, for a number of weeks, but is a little better now.

Miss Etta C. Blake has been quite ill this past week. She went to Salem on Wednesday to visit her sister, Mrs. Pressey, and will remain over Sunday. Mr. Richard Buker of Harvard College preached two excellent sermons in the Baptist church on Sunday. In the evening the vestry was filled. Mr. Buker is studying to be a medical missionary and is available as a supply any Sunday. He was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Perkins.

Mr. Howard G. Lane and daughter, Leonore, had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Conrade preach in Park St. Church, Boston, Sunday morning and the Boston Symphony in the afternoon. They were delighted to hear Galli Curci sing which was indeed a rare treat.

The Monday Club was delightfully entertained this week in the pleasant home of Mrs. Munsey with Mrs. Cole as assistant hostess. A most exhaustive, pleasing and instructive paper upon the Washington Conference was prepared and read by Mrs. Charlotte Batchelder. The roll call consisted of naming prominent men at the conference and telling of some of the things they were trying to accomplish. Enjoyable refreshments were served by the hostesses. The next meeting will be entertained by Mrs. Donnell with Mrs. Tobey as assistant hostess.

The H. T. G. Club was charmingly entertained by its president, Mrs. Florence Brooks, on Thursday. Each guest was presented with a handsome poinsettia at the beginning of the game. Favors were awarded to Mrs. Eugene Leavitt, Mrs. Drew and Mrs. Hobbs. Choice refreshments were served of pineapple and cheese salad with hot biscuits, vanilla ice cream in the shape of diamonds with a diamond in the center of pistachio ice cream filled with nuts and raisins, various kinds of cake, candies, coffee and individual baskets of nuts. The next meeting will be entertained by Mrs. Janvrin.

Mrs. John Branch Jr., nee Miss Hazelton of St. Albans, Vt., a former teacher in the high school, is a guest of her friend, Mrs. Edwin Batchelder. She was a welcome guest of the Monday Club this week.

Mrs. Warren H. Hobbs and Miss Dorothy are afflicted with severe cases of mumps.

The death of Mrs. Mary Cutts on the Exeter Road Friday morning was particularly sad. Mrs. Cutts was usually in good health until stricken with pneumonia two weeks ago. She was a great home body and made the home a pleasant cheery place, not only for her own family, but for many others. Always a hard worker, she found her interests in her home. Mrs. Cutts was before her marriage Miss Mary F. Berry of Exeter. The only remaining member of her family, her son Charlie, has the sympathy of all his friends in this affliction. The funeral was held on Sunday and interment in the local cemetery. Mr. Cutts will spend the winter in Braintree, Mass.

Charles Palmer, Roscoe Palmer, Uri Lamprey and Myron Norton have gone on a hunting trip in northern New Hampshire.

A linen shower was given Miss Flora Johnson by a number of her young friends Wednesday evening.

The W. F. M. S. of the Methodist church held an interesting meeting Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Alice Blake.

The King's Heralds will meet tomorrow, Friday night, at the home of Verna and Jeannette White.

The Parent-Teacher Association will hold its monthly meeting at the Congregational vestry at 7:30 next Monday night. Mrs. Anna Simmers, president of the State Parent-Teacher Association will be the speaker and guest of honor. Those who fail to hear her will be sorry losers. Everybody welcome. The membership roll is open, invitation to join most hearty.

The Directors of the Young Men's Community Club met at the Clubroom Wednesday and plans were laid for putting the work before the people of the community. They feel assured that the work being attempted is commending itself to the towns folk and that many will be eager to help it on by their liberal contribution [half line unreadable] tables, bookshelves, stove and furnishings, wood, game materials. Printing and literature have occasioned initial expense larger than the dues of 40c a month will cover.

The Congregational Auxiliary was pleasantly entertained on Wednesday by Mrs. Emma Young, with Mrs. Caroline Cole as assistant hostess. A good number were present and an interesting meeting was held under the leadership of Mrs. Godfrey. The music of the Edison graphophone was much enjoyed. The nominating committee brought in the following names of those who will serve as officers next year. Pres., Mrs. G. W. Clark; Vice Pres., Mrs. Oliver Godfrey; Sec., Mrs. E. G. Cole; Treas., Mrs. W. T. Ross; Superintendent of Whatsoever Circle, Mrs. E. Henry Thompson; Ass't. Supt., Mrs. Warren Clark. A delicious supper was served by the hostesses.

The next meeting of the Men's Club will be held in the Congregational Chapel on Monday evening, Dec. 19. A committee was appointed at the last meeting to prepare a program of entertainment.

Miss Alice Elliot is spending this week in Hyde Park and Everett, Mass. Camp Fire Notes

On Dec. 5th the Camp Fire Girls met at Miss Mary Toppan's. A short business meeting was held after which the girls played games and rehearsed for the entertainment to be given Dec. 16th. Miss Leonore Lane and Miss Beatrice Farnsworth sang a duet. Delightful refreshments were served by the hostesses. Miss Olive Bradbury, the camp fire guardian, and Miss Mabel Brooks filled that office at this meeting.