The Hamptons Union, July 28, 1921

Hampton News

Frank N. Graves and family are passing the summer at their farm.

The date of the postmaster examinations for presidential appointments will be August 9 for Exeter and Hampton.

Insurance Agents are notified as follows: That on and after August 1st, 1921, the fire insurance rates, both specific and general, on all buildings and contents located at Hampton Beach, between the Hampton River Bridge north to and including North Shore Hotel, are advanced 331/3 percent.

The Radcliffe Chautauqua that comes August 6 means three afternoons and three evenings of Community Opportunity. Great lectures on great themes and rare musical treats and clean fun. You will not match it for Opportunity in many a day. Let's go. Just as truly it is a Community Responsibility. Solely for the benefit of the community, with no possible personal gain or even remuneration for all the strenuous work involved, 20 citizens obligated themselves for the whole expense. In their judgment it was just what the community, that really loves good things, would wish them to do. It can cost nobody more than two dollars to secure the entire program, unless our neighbors fail to realize the opportunity and responsibility and ask the twenty to foot the bills. In such a case it would cost each of the twenty many times two dollars. Let's go.

If the receipts exceed the expenses, as we very much hope they will, the proceeds will be devoted to the support of our District nurse. Let's go.

Miss Greta Myers has gone to Plymouth, N. H., to attend the five-week session of summer school there.

Friends of Mrs. Ruth Bennett Sparks are glad to hear that she is doing well after a serious operation in Exeter hospital.

The members of Ocean Side Grange are requested to meet at Grange Hall, Friday, July 29 at 8 p. m. to consider and make plans for the following. The Lecturers of Conn. are planning to make the trip by auto to Lewiston, Me., to attend the Grange Lecturer's Conference. They have asked if the members of Ocean Side Grange will furnish them with a supper on Tuesday, August 8. About 50 will be in the party.

It is hoped that every member of the four woman's clubs under whose vote the Chautauqua is coming here will purchase one ticket and perhaps sell some. The business men of the town and other organizations are very kindly assisting.

A very successful lawn party was held under the auspices of the Ladies' Aid on Rose Lawn on Tuesday. The place is ideal for a party and although the day was very warm the large trees made a comfortable shade. The various well-filled tables of aprons, candy mysteries, ice cream and cake as well as the delicious supper were well patronized and about one hundred and fifty dollars realized. The evening entertainment was very pleasing and the ladies wish to extend thanks to Miss Alice Howe of Exeter for kindly singing several solos and to all those who took part in "Japanese Elopement." A vote of thanks is extended to Mrs. Cash who so generously gave the use of her lawn and home for the party. Mrs. Ernest G. Cole had the general supervision of the party and to her efficient management much of the success is due.

There are vacancies now existing in the postmasterships of Hampton and Exeter. The department at Washington gives notice that examinations for these positions will be held Aug. 9. The applicants will not be required to go any place for examinations but their application papers must be filled with great care and accuracy and each candidate will get his rating from these papers. For educational training 20 per cent will be given; for business training and ability 80 per cent. The three highest ratings will be certified by the Civil Service Commission and from these there will be selected a candidate for nomination by the president. There are said to be four candidates in Hampton.

Miss Helen Tolman, who is attending the summer Normal School in Keene, has accepted a school to teach, in Sunapee the coming year.

Mrs. Josephine Joplin Stearns and her step son Knowlton, are spending the summer with Mrs. Stern's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Joplin.

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Powell of Worcester are guests of Mrs. Jennie Marston.

The schoolhouses are being renovated for the next school term. The new school house has been awarded to the Hudson Construction Co. and work will begin immediately. The old school has been moved forward by the Cashmen Bros. of Newburyport.

Miss Adeline C. Marston and her niece, Mrs. Leonora B. Wing, left on Wednesday for an indefinite visit in Great Falls. They intend to spend one day in Montreal, in sight seeing. Mrs. Wing has received flattering offers to work at her profession as a graduate nurse from the army but has not yet decided what she will do.