The Hamptons Union, January 13, 1921

Hampton News

Mrs. John Elliot's oldest daughter and granddaughter have returned after a very pleasant visit.

The Y. M. B. C. Class of the Methodist Church held its business meeting at the Parsonage on Monday evening. Officers were elected for the ensuing year and a social time enjoyed by all.

The installation of officers of the W. R. Corps will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 26th. Dinner will be served at noon to the members and their husbands. Miss Paul of Portsmouth will be the installing officer.

Mrs. Edwin Batchelder returned from upper Vermont on Monday after a pleasant visit with friends.

John C. Blake has had a telephone put in his home. Nearly every house on the street now has this convenience.

Mrs. Ring has moved into her house on High Street and is delighted with it.

Mrs. Ellen Blake and Mrs. Elizabeth Hobbs spent Thursday in Exeter very pleasantly.

Many children are out of school because of bad colds.

The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist church met with Mrs. Chester Marston on Wednesday. Supper was served to about forty.

Mrs. Charles Batchelder has been confined in her home for the past two weeks by illness.

Mr. Fred Perkins has been confined to his home with a bad grippe cold, for the past ten days.

The Baptist Cottage prayer meeting was held in the home of Mr. John C. Blake, with a large number present, on Tuesday evening.

J. Beecher Yeaton is starting a daily milk delivery. Hampton is in need of one and with public cooperation it will be permanent. Satisfaction is assured with Guernsey products and sanitary conditions. Telephone your orders to 53-3 Hampton.

Papers explaining the call for funds to send to the European Relief were sent to all the ministers to be read from their pulpits last Sunday and a request that a collection be taken later. The Advent people felt the call so keenly that they took up a collection of fifty dollars at once. The apportionment for Hampton is three hundred dollars and each organization will be asked to contribute. The W. R. Corps voted a subscription at its meeting on Wednesday. The people of the Baptist church will be asked for a collection after the sermon next Sunday. The other churches will do their parts later on no doubt. It is indeed very praiseworthy what these churches have done for benevolence during the past year.

The H. T. G. Club will be entertained by Mrs. Wallace Day in Exeter on Tuesday.

Gentlemen's night of the Monday Club will be observed next week, Jan. 17th. A banquet will be served at 6:30 in the Congregational Chapel followed by a farce and music.

On the evening of January 4, Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. Moulton observed the 10th anniversary of their marriage at their home, Alderstone, in North Hampton. Friends and relatives of this and surrounding towns were pleasantly entertained by music while refreshments were served by Miss Josephine and Master Gilman Moulton. A general good time was enjoyed and everyone departed wishing Mr. and Mrs. Moulton their sincerest congratulations and expressions of good will.

The West End Club met on the afternoon of Dec. 30th, with Mrs. Jessie R. Towle as hostess. All members were present and six children also. We were pleased to have with us as guests Mrs. Blanchard and Mrs. Delano. The meeting opened by repeating club's quotation and reading report of the last meeting and business matters were attended to. The literary program was in charge of Mrs. Jessie R. Towle and was as follows: An Eastern Legend, read by Miss Frances E. Towle; singing by Mrs. Addie and Katherine James, Silver Threads Among the Gold and Juanita; Not Sure of the Endless Fame, read by Mrs. Addie James; singing of old time songs, in which all present took part. A social hour was then enjoyed during which refreshments were served by the hostess: delicious hot doughnuts, cheese cake, (plain and chocolate frosting) and piping hot coffee (made with split wood). It was decided to hold a watch party at Mrs. Helen Yeaton's. A most enjoyable time was had by all.

Deaths in 1920:

The following is a list of the deaths in Hampton during 1920 as furnished by a correspondent who has kept a record for years:

Feb. 20 Horace M. Lane 72y, 3m, 29d
March 6 Lydia F. Page 71y
March 26 Mary E. Lane 76y, 9m, 25d
April 20 George W. Godfrey 66y
May 9 Clarissa Towle 89y, 8m, 9d
June 3 Henry H. Mace 72y, 10m, 10d
July 24 J. Marion Noyes 18y, 10m
Aug. 3 Grace Kent 39y
Aug. 17 Frances O. Hobbs 79y, 7m, 10d
Aug. 23 Russell Colbath 22y
Oct. 22 Mrs. Jacobs
Oct. 22 Mr. Richards, Lowell, Mass.
Dec. 9 Alice M. Marston 34y

The following natives have died elsewhere but were buried in Hampton.

Richard Brown 67y
Kate Ellen Mace 62y, 6m, 4d
Ray Haselton 31y
Bertha B. Sanborn 56y
Judge Thomas Leavitt 88y, 1m, 5d
Hugh Brown 67y, 11m, 5d